Sunday, January 27, 2013

Out and About

We are finally getting a break in the weather and this past week was much warmer than it had been.  Temps had been sitting around -31'c with the windchill -42'c so about 10 degrees warmer than a couple weeks ago.    In less than a week we will be vacationing with our friends Sandy and Keith, our old neighbours when we lived in Winnipeg.  We are getting very excited as none of us have been to this island and it will be nice to have a break from Old Man Winter for all of us.
Yesterday Bernie and I headed over to see a litter of 10 puppies, they are crossed with springer and lab and all I have to say is PUPPY BREATH!  Mary the owner of momma dog and puppies has agreed to work with Diamonds in the Ruff and relinquish all but one puppy to us.  Bernie and Al will fly the puppies down to Yellowknife SPCA and then to Edmonton to find new homes.  In return, we will give Mary some dog food to help her with the costs of raising such a large litter.
Today was a nice day so after lunch we finally got the dogs out for a good run to burn off some of that energy.  We decided to head across the bay to the Maud to check out the igloo the Norwegians had made in November.  Molly and Blitz ran into the igloo before we even got close to it.  Craig went inside and checked it out with all 3 dogs of course.  After taking some quick pics of the igloo, the Maud and the dogs the camera started to freeze up and we were also getting cold so we headed back across the bay.  We came home to a nice cup of chi latte for me and apple cider for Craig while we face timed with family and friends.
The sun rose today at  10:05am and it said goodnight at 2:21pm so up a bit over 4 hours. We will notice a huge difference when we return from our holiday as it will be up for 8 hours. Double the time in 3 weeks and before we know it the sun will be up for 24 hours. 
Talk soon! (from Antigua)

Puppy Love
 Can't get enough of these cuties
 Bernie with a little one
Sandy sledding with her dogs
 Arctic traffic jam
 Miss Molly in the igloo
 The Maud's ribs sticking out of the ice
 The igloo from the Maud
 The ice is crystal blue on the Bay
 Picture of the Bay taken about 1:45pm
Me...a little frosty

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