Saturday, January 12, 2013

How Cold is Cold?

Since the holidays the temperatures have been extremely cold up here (wind chills in the -50'c) but what should I expect we live in the Arctic.  This is my third winter up here and the one thing I noticed this year is that we have less snow than any other year that I have experienced.  I could be like a bear, curl up in a fetal position and hibernate for the winter but that would mean about 9 months out of the year.  Instead, today with -51'c wind chills I headed out with my camera and the dogs.  All of us dressed warm but we still only latest about 1/2 an hour, including the Nikon.
Yesterday was the first day that the sun rose in 6 weeks for 1 hour, 6 minutes and 3 seconds...not that I'm counting.  It came up at 11:36 this morning and in a blink of an eye it was gone at 12:42pm.  Before you know it the sun will be up for 24 hours and we will be quadding and fishing everywhere.
A week ago Hannah and I were invited to the elementary school to do dog prevention presentations for all the grades except the grade 2 students.  We are hoping to return this coming Friday to finish the other classes.  Hannah is such an old pro and of course everyone loves her.  I had one grade 3 student that was very scared of dogs and sat at the teacher's desk during the presentation but I did notice that she was smiling and laughing at one point.  If Hannah and I can reach one student in each class to raise awareness and to help prevent dog bites then I think we have done our job.  
Craig and I have been spending some quality time with friends since our return to CamBay.  Last weekend we had a much overdue games night at our place and yesterday we went over to the Thompson's as they just returned a week ago.  The last time we seen them was at Siesta Key beach in Florida.  Tonight Craig is jamming with the boys and I have some quality time blog and the remote.
Talk soon!

Taken January 11, 2013 on the bay - during the first day of sun
 More komatiks on the bay
 Took a romp in the golf course today
 Loving the skies
 Not much snow this year
 Such pretty pink skies
 The Martin Bergman docked for the winter
 Yeah, they're eating arctic hare poo
 Molly in her ear muffs
 Mocha has NEVER done this before - watching Oasis about the Canary Islands.  Cat watching a bird: who knew? haha
 This is what Hannah looked like after our outing
 And this is Molly
Blitz had a feather stuck on his nose from our feather pillows - too cute!

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