Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Captain Molly on Duty

Just a quick post tonight to let you all know that we made it safe and sound in Edmonton and we had a great flight today from Cambridge Bay to Edmonton.  We are staying again at our favorite hotel in Edmonton, The Sawridge Inn and I would recommend this place if anyone is in Edmonton.  Best thing about it is that it is close to shopping and an easy ride to the airport.
We left Cambridge Bay a bit late this afternoon and had to rush to make our connection in Yellowknife to Edmonton. OK rush is putting it mildly, we were escorted with 6 others to security and we didn't even see the dogs.  Thankfully the crew from the kennel were there to collect everyone but I'm still kinda sad that we didn't give them a hug before we left. 
Since we are on the topic of dogs, Todd at First Air in CamBay always takes great care of our dogs when we travel. He put Hannah and Blitz side by side and Miss Molly was near the front of the plane. He was worried as we had a layover in Gjoa Haven for a little over 1/2 an hour as the wind chills were close to -50'c. It wouldn't be a big deal but they had to remove Molly from the plane to get to the  Gjoa Haven cargo.  He called ahead and also spoke to the flight crew so that they would bring Molly into the little airport at our stopover.  Much to our surprise, Captain Jeff carried Molly into the airport and when ready carried her back into the plane, along with my camera....below is what our pilot was up to.
Talk soon!
Honorary Captain Molly
 Molly making sure that the co-pilot was doing his job.


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