Sunday, June 10, 2012


I am a bachelorette for the next couple of weeks as Craig is in Manitoba visiting.  We took separate holidays this time as our schedules didn't line up.  So it's me, the dogs and the cat for the next little while.  It seems kinda weird not having Craig around and we are all starting to miss him.

Yesterday Marg, Sheila and I headed out to see how far we could drive towards Mt. Pelly.  After a couple of spots where we were not too sure it was safe we made it to our destination.  We seen loads of birds but nothing with fur, oh wait we watched a lemming going in and out of his holes.  A very nice day with the ladies.

Today it was the dog's turn, even Hannah.  She didn't run as much as the Shorthairs but I think she had fun and getting some fresh Arctic air.  Molly and Blitz were busy hunting lemmings and playing ball.  Birds caught Blitz's eye and off he went while Molly found a 'kill' site of a goose.  She thought she hit the jackpot and before I got to where she was she was just swallowing a piece.  This evening the house is quiet...except for Hannah's snoring.

Talk soon!

Our ride to Mt. Pelly
The road was cleared
Still lots of ice on the lakes
An opening in the snow bank
Marg testing a low spot in the road...all safe to enter
Love the different colours of the ice, from green to crystal clear blue
Our destination...Mt. Pelly
Hannah enjoying the day
Molly found a good spot to rest
My handsome boy
Had to help Hannah up on the rock for the photo but Molly had no problem jumping up
Molly's great find of a goose kill site - check out all of the feathers/down on the ground
Blitz and his ears!
Typical site - the Shorthairs hunting lemmings and Hannah in the background wondering what  the fuss is all about
Blitz kept on coming back to this hole - must of been a fresh scent
Purple Saxifrage starting to bloom even with snow on the ground
Soon the tundra will be covered with these Purple Saxifrage
View of the bay


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    1. Thank You! Just wish the snow would melt so I can get some pics of flowers etc.