Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Little Annie and the Gang

I thought that I would feature some of the gang that I work with starting with Little Annie.  Don't let her size fool you, Stephane calls her The Energizer Bunny as she keeps going and going.  Annie is usually the first staff member to arrive at work in the morning and the last to leave at the end of the day.  She has been very excited lately as she received a brand new snow machine, got it registered and insured and this past weekend she shot 4 caribou for her family.  Annie not only looks after her husband who is not well but also some of her grandchildren.  She is a fun-loving, always smiling lady and you can be guaranteed that she will always say good morning or good afternoon to you everyday.

Then we have Jeannie and her family.  Her only son Jonathan and her 4 daughters, Donna, Shelly, Michelle and Cassandra all work at the plant.  Jeannie loves to talk, you could say she is an open book and will tell you anything about her life.  Her son Jonathan and her daughter Michelle are both quiet.  Michelle has two young boys and one on the way.  Donna is the oldest sibling and is the mother of one and usually is the one to share her bannock with you.  Shelly is not afraid to say anything to you or tell you anything, the party animal you could say.  Then there is Cassandra the youngest of them and is cute and innocent looking.

Now we have Jordan who is always smiling and willing to learn more and more each day.  Jordan is the clown of the group you could say,  you will find him hiding around the corner trying to scare someone walking by...which is usually me.

Alice and Stephen are reliable employees and are willing to help you out whenever asked.  Missing from the pictures are Juna, Susan and Steven.  Steven is one of the great carvers in town and yes we purchased a carving from him.

I am still getting ready for the upcoming show on the 26th.  I will have many prints, greeting cards and a small coffee table book for sale.  Yes after many requests I have done a coffee table book.  I wasn't impressed with the company that I selected as some of the prints have a magenta line going through it but it will have to do for my first book.  I did get them to re-do 28 books as the coloured line was very noticable.  I am really excited and looking forward to this show as everyone has been telling me how big of a show it is for CamBay.  I had Beth, one of the teachers, come over last week to look at some of my pictures, she was looking for a gift for her husband Aaron's birthday.  Much to my surprise she purchased two and I heard from her today stating that he loved them.

Speaking of pictures I asked our friend Sheila to take our annual family Christmas picture this year.  We headed out this past Sunday, found a good spot, I set my camera for her and away we went.  The winds were blowing and it was a bit cold, ok really cold as we were only wearing fleece jackets.  In the end she did a great job and I have ordered our cards, now let's hope they are delivered before we head south.  Thank you again Sheila!

The sun has been shining brightly which means the temperatures drop to an average of -42'c with the wind this week.  I am not complaining about the cold too much as the sun will set on November 30th and will be gone until January 12th.
Most of the pictures today feature some of our staff at Kitikmeot Foods Ltd. with one picture of some ptarmigans that I seen today.

Talk soon!

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