Monday, November 9, 2015

Yuma or Bust

Hard to believe we arrived in Arizona two weeks ago.  We have been crazy busy with painting, purchasing furniture and major cleaning.  I will do another blog entry later this week and show some pics of the work that we have been doing but for now I will share some of our travel pics.
We landed in Edmonton, rented a car and drove to my brother Bob's place in Airdrie to spend a couple of days with them before we made our journey to Yuma. We have met their yellow lab pup Harlow before but this was the first time that our two have met their 'cousin'. Blitz and Harlow hit it off from the word go and played and played and played. 
The Tuesday before we left Cambridge Bay Molly had some really rough days of yelping every time she woke from a sleep or when she tried to get up.  We brought her to Fish Creek Animal Hospital in Calgary and she had some x-rays of her hips done, an exam and some blood work.  She does have some nasty looking hips and her blood work wasn't up to par.  The vet changed her meds around and when we return to Canada we will re-do her blood work to see where it's at.  The new combination of meds seem to be working as she has not yelped out in pain like she did before we left.  She has had some bad days here in Arizona of not wanting to eat and a bit lethargic but overall I think she is enjoying her vacation home in the desert.
We left Airdrie on October 26th and had a long drive to Salt Lake City Utah.  We arrived late at La Qunita (thanks Petra for the travel tip), made ourselves comfortable and had a good night's sleep as the following day we were heading to Yuma.  From Salt Lake City we headed west to Las Vegas then down to Yuma from there.  Even though the drives were long the amazing landscape made up for it all.  Here are some pics on of our travel down to AZ.

It's hard to get an 11 month old pup to pay attention to you
while there is a handsome young gent beside you

Harlow and all her cuteness

Our first morning of driving there was heavy fog

Beautiful country

Had to take this pic for hubby!

Our first view of snow on the mountains

and more

Now that's what I'm talking about

Not sure how this huge hole got into the side of the hill
Somewhere in the Mojave Desert
We drove through the white-knuckle Virgin River Gorge and
by we I mean Craig 

Virgin River Gorge
Talk soon!


  1. The hole in the cliff is a wind cave. They are very common and the larger ones were used as shelters by the Anazai for their Pueblos.

    1. Thanks for the info, was wondering how these caves got there!

  2. The hole in the cliff is a wind cave. They are very common and the larger ones were used as shelters by the Anazai for their Pueblos.

  3. Was that Craig Colorado? That is a wonderful drive down from I-80. I drove the Gorge when it was construction, one lane each direction and no center divider in 2014. Scary.
    Glad you made it to Yuma safely.

    1. Yes it was Craig Colorado! It was a great drive and glad that hubby was driving.