Tuesday, November 17, 2015

The LeBleu Pack Meets The Hembree Pack

My blog postings are going to be all over the place for the next little bit as I try to catch up.  Since we had such a great time in California this past weekend I thought I would tell you all about it. 
If you have been with me for a while you may remember a year ago we drove to San Diego for the weekend and to meet up with John, Teri and their amazing GSP Forrest at the Southern California GSP Rescue.  We thought we would drive a bit further this time as we wanted to bring our dogs to Forrest's Beach.  Forrest is no longer with us but his spirit lives on the beach he loved so much and needless to say our 2 loved it also. 
Our first night arriving in Ventura we stayed at a hotel and the next afternoon Teri and one of their dogs, Dude met up with us at Ventura Harbour.  From there off we went to Forrest's Beach.  What a great place for people and their dogs.  After Forrest passed away Teri and John set up a basket full of his favorite things...tennis balls and put a message on it stating to help yourself to a ball and please replace it for other dogs to enjoy.  What a great idea and what fun we all had.
Here's the basket at the beach with Hannah Banana's ball in the middle!
(photo courtesy of Teri)

Much warmer than the waters along the Northwest Passage

Can you tell Molly is happy?

Craig with Molly (foreground) and Blitz
A tennis ball, sunny afternoon and a sandy beach...priceless

Doesn't matter which sandy beach he is in, Blitz must dig a hole


That's one happy GSP

Here's what the marina at Ventura looks like
From there we headed back to the Hembree's to meet Hope and Jenny, their other GSPs. After a meet and greet Teri brought the four of us back to marina to watch her friend Karen sing at a local dog friendly lounge.  We had some great food, wonderful music, good conversation and relaxing time then back we went to the Hembree's for the night.  We had planned to take all 5 GSPs to the beach the following day but the winds were high and so were the waves so unfortunately it wasn't safe for anyone (well maybe the surfers) to be in the water.
Beautiful Hope

Such wisdom in those eyes


Dude, the most relaxed dog I have ever met

Princess Warrior and Jenny, both are petite girls

Molly & Blitz had to pose in front of the banana tree

She didn't want to move...I guess she thought it's not every day
I get to pose in front of a banana tree

Molly found the doggie igloo and loved it!

There were bananas in their tree and we actually
took a few back home - just waiting for them to ripen

The banana tree seed pod is beauty and coolness all wrapped into one 

The three amigos - missing John on this trip but he has been
taking care of his mom
(selfie courtesy of Teri)
It was sad to leave California but we made some great memories with friends that we would of never met if there hadn't been a Forrest and GSPs, and for that I am extremely thankful.
We hit some rain on the way home but when we reached Salton Sea the skies were clear.  As we got closer and closer to Yuma we could see a lot of activity in the skies but by the time we arrived we had missed the rain, thunder and lightening.  Here's some pictures taken from the car on the way home.

Storm clouds rolling over the mountains

Huge wind farm near Palm Springs

From a distance it looks like a graveyard
Yesterday and today has been all about gardening and hopefully tomorrow will be the end of work for this trip and we can enjoy our final days here in Arizona.  We will be leaving Monday as Molly needs to get more blood work done to see if there are any changes.  Will try to get caught up on my postings in the next couple of days.
Talk soon!

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