Sunday, March 15, 2015

Fun at Nana & Papa's

After spending the day and heading out for brunch with our friends Sandy & Keith on Saturday we then headed over to the Coulter's (Craig's sister) for a fantastic Mexican dinner.  Laura and Todd outdid themselves and everything was delicious especially the dessert.  What a surprise to see how tall my Spencer was.  I believe Laura said he was 6'2", so a bit taller than myself who stands 5' even and thankfully Reece is still shorter than me but not by much. We had a great visit and also had a Facetime session with Craig's brother Ken who lives in Florida.
Dinner at the Coulters - photo courtesy of Craig's dad

Myself and Spencer
After dinner we drove the hour and half to Craig's parents place in Lac du Bonnet.  We stayed up for a couple of hours and then crashed for the night.  We woke up and Dad make his famous pancakes, even though he gave us the recipe a couple of years ago we just cannot mimic his.   We hung out until 2:30 this afternoon and from there Craig and his parents went back into Winnipeg to watch Spencer's hockey game.  I stayed home to look after the dogs and we spent a couple of hours outside enjoying the +14'c weather....yes it was +14'c today.  Beautiful weather for Manitoba in March especially when there is a blizzard warning for today and tomorrow for CamBay.  The dogs and I went across the road to the open field and enjoyed running and playing in the puddles.  Can't stop a water dog from having fun. 
As you can see there is hardly any snow left

Blitz watching the crows land

And Molly watching Blitz

Miss Molly enjoying the day

So many birds to watch

Molly posing against the wood shed

Blitz joined in but also watched the geese on the lake

Enough pictures already!

Two tired puppies after a couple of hours outside
Tomorrow we head to Carman for one last visit with my mom before we leave on Thursday.  Wednesday will be a last day of shopping and somewhere in there we would like to visit some more of our friends. It's been a world wind tour of Manitoba and Arizona and we will likely need a vacation after our holiday but it was so worth it.
Talk soon!

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