Wednesday, March 4, 2015

From City to City to City

We started our whirlwind tour of March 2015 when we left CamBay last Friday to spend the weekend in Edmonton.  It was touch and go with the weather and we weren't sure if we could make it out but the skies opened and gave us blue skies for safe travels.  Lucky for us as the next couple of days in Cambridge Bay were nasty.  I had two things on my list for Edmonton, one a haircut at a salon and the other was to get a new camera, the Panasonic LX100.  I haven't used it much yet as we have been on the go since we left but what I have seen I like.  Of course my first picture with the new camera was of Miss Molly.  Here's a couple of examples from Edmonton.

Molly and Craig having a nap in the sun
I'm going to back track a bit to the weekend before we left.  I finally hooked up with my friend Joan to take some 25th Birthday pics of her.  We were out for a good couple of hours and Joan was a trooper laying on the ice and snow all the while looking gorgeous.  Here's some of the fun we had.
Being silly and playfull

Joan yelled at me while I drove past this 25 - had to stop

You have to be inventive when shooting in the Arctic and
the sea containers give some colour

This sea container had some stars painted on it and a snow bank for Joan
So beautiful

Freezer her butt off laying on the blue ice
Now I'm going to jump back to Edmonton where after spending a weekend there we all jumped back on a plane for Manitoba.  Our friends Sandy and Keith are the best hostess and host and while Craig and I ran around Monday morning and early afternoon Uncle Keith looked after the dogs for us.  Haircut in Edmonton...check, eyes checked, new glasses ordered and teeth cleaned in Winnipeg for the both of us...check.  Next on the list was to take care of the dogs' vet appointments.  Miss Molly has been on/off for the past while so she had the full workup done and Blitz had his annual. Nothing out of the ordinary showed up on tests for Molly so not sure what's up with her...maybe age related as she will be 13 this summer.  We will keep an eye on her to see how she does and note any more changes in her.
After the dogs appointments we were off again, this time to Carman to surprise Granny.  You see everyone knew we were coming except her.  So after a round of  5 knocks on her door I finally had to call her to see what she was doing.  She was in the far bedroom and didn't hear the door, yes her hearing is not as good as it once was.  After a short conversation with her I told her to go and open the front door....SURPRISE!  You could say she was happy to see us and I think the dogs were just as happy to see their granny.  After an evening of catching up we all headed off to bed and the next day we met my long time friend of 35+ years Angie and her partner John and her daughter Brooke for lunch.  Slipping into a conversation with Angie is like putting on a old pair of your favourite jeans, just feels right. 
Myself, mom and Angie
By 3:00pm we were off again, this time back into Winnipeg where we dropped off the dogs at the kennel for a week and spent the night again with the Birleys.  Well not a full night, we were up at 3:00am as we needed to catch a plane to Arizona.  Why Arizona you ask?  Well after spending time in Yuma last October we fell in love with the area and we purchased a condo.  This trip was supposed to be just a Manitoba trip but things changed in a hurry and the trip to AZ was booked.  We arrived in Phoenix a half hour ahead of schedule and landed at 1:00pm, picked up our luggage, hopped on the shuttle for the rental and off we drove into the sunset, well maybe not the sunset but to Yuma.  The flight down here was a fantastic one with West Jet as we flew over the Rockies and the Grand Canyon, here's a couple of pics from the IPhone.
Canadian Rockies

The Colorado River running through the Grand Canyon 
Since we didn't make it into Yuma on time for signing, our fabulous and generous realtor reserved a hotel room for us for night.  Kimberly has gone above and beyond of what a realtor should do and helped us so much along the way.  It's difficult buying from afar and she made it so much easier for us, not sure what we would of done without her.  We dropped off our luggage at the Howard Johnson and 'accidentally' turned the wrong way and somehow ended up at the condo complex.  We stopped in front of the condo, took a couple of pics and walked around the place and met a neighbour.  From there we grabbed a bite to eat and then headed to Sears to check out some appliances for the new place.  We will return to Sears in the afternoon after we take measurements of the openings for the appliances.  Tomorrow after we get the keys we will head there and take some inside pictures and take measurements.  We have some honey bees activity that we will have to take care of ASAP and other than that clean the place, do some maintenance, get some furniture and plan on what colours and decorating we (I) want to do. 
The front entrance of the condo

Our home in the Southwest
We have limited internet access so not sure when the next posting will be but I will try to get one in again this weekend.  Hopefully time will allow us to visit the Proving Grounds, the markets and of course hit the Peanut Patch to get our fill of fresh peanut butter. We are exhausted from all of the traveling and I don't see us getting much rest until the weekend.  
Talk soon!

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