Saturday, April 11, 2015

Full Force

We have been back in CamBay for 3 weeks and it has been crazy busy.  The first week back I had a request to photograph our senior girls basketball team.  I had photographed them last year for their team and individual photos but this shoot was special as they had won the territorial championship.  It was a fun shoot as I let them do whatever they want. Congrats again to the Wolverines for the win and here are some of my favorite shots of them.
Wolverines - Territorial Champs
Pure joy
Very content
Reach for your goal
Everyone was a Super Woman
The kiss of victory
Happiness is...
Blitz thought he would 'help' me steam the back drop

Had to take a pic of Molly

Then they got bored with me
The weather is slowly getting warmer and by warmer I mean -15'c today with a wind chill of -26'c.  Three weeks ago when we arrived back home the wind chills were still in the -50 range so we are getting a bit of a break.  The one thing that I really noticed was that our sun is showing it's face for much longer during the day with rising around 5:30am and setting by 9pm.  We have a little over a month left before we hit our 24 hour daylight.  There are some amazing sunsets this time of year also and here are a couple of pics.
There is a lot of action in our little village as members from all over Canada are here participating in the military's annual spring sovereignty exercise, Operation Nunalivut, which will run until April 22. 
I had the opportunity to connect with their public relations officer, Captain Bonnie Wilken last week and again this week.  Last week she showed me around their sleeping quarters, communications, and invited me to a good ole fashion haybox supper in the mess tent. 
Yesterday after work we met again and this time she arranged for a driver with a AVOP to get us across the airport apron to one of the hangers.  Members from the Princess Patricia's Canadian Light Infantry from Edmonton, AB were there assembling their komatiks which they will use for their exercises.  After spending some time there we walked around the corner to find flight engineers and pilots from the 440 'Vampire' Transport Squadron from Yellowknife, NT putting one of the twin otters to bed - covering the wings. 
It's been a great experience meeting so many military personnel who also come by my work to purchase some char.  It's an experience that I will not forget thanks to Captain Bonnie Wilken.  Here are some highlight pics.
The C-17 sitting on the apron - it's a beast of a plane
The sleeping quarters
Inside the women's tent
So many ski-doos arriving
The mess tent at the DEW Line Site
Inside the tent after we ate supper
Members of PPCLI putting together their komatiks
Putting the wing covers on the twin otter's wings
This is the flag of the 440 "Vampire" Transport Squadron from YK - very cool
If you look on the wing of the twin otter above, you can see the vampire
Waiting to put on the wing cover.
Between all of this fun photography stuff I had to get ready for our annual financial audit at work.  It's not as bad as it could be and thanks to Balaji from our head office he makes it that much easier at my end.  We had the audit last week and now we wait for the statements from the auditor.  Glad it's over for another year and now we get ready to process some muskox!  We haven't had a commercial hunt this year and after much discussion on the subject it was in agreement that we would purchase a few direct from our hunters.  I can just taste those burgers!
We also found some time to head out on one of the ice roads.  There is usually an ice road from town to west arm which is a nice little drive but this year there is a much longer road.  I was told there is a barge that is stuck in the ice with some of the community's supplies on it so they made the road to retrieve the supplies.  It feels a bit weird out there when you can't see the town and you realize that you are driving on an ice road.  We took Kate and Gary out and of course took the dogs out a few times.
Gary, Kate and Craig on the narrow snow/ice road
Heading back to town on the blue ice
 We saw many chunks of blue ice but this one caught my eye as the sun was shining through it
This was the point where we decided to turn around
as the road was getting too narrow
On the way back we found some kids playing hockey on the ice
Love that they are skating on the bay
Looks like someone is building a cabin as this komatik is loaded with lumber
Freedom on the ice road
We have to make sure that Molly's ears are covered
when there is a high wind chill
Look at us sitting on the ice road!
It was too cold for Molly so she's in the truck as
Blitz and I played ball
Love that blue ice and my boy!
Blitz and I
Talk soon!

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