Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Frolics 2014

Every May Cambridge Bay celebrates the arrival of spring in a week long festival called The Omingmak Frolics.  Omingmak means musk ox and their mascot is Ollie the Omingmak.  Every year there is theme and this year was 'Itqaumaliurahuarniq: Memories in the Making."  The festival starts off with a $10,000.00 bingo and then the fun begins with corporate challenges, circus camps for the kids, snow machine races, fashion shows, traditional games and the list goes on and on.  I didn't attend many events this year but I will share some pictures with you of the ones that I did attend.
The kids were involved in a circus camp all week with Flyin' Bob who comes to Cambridge Bay every year since I have been here.  I was impressed with the kids after the first lesson, I'm thinking that they return every year. 
Tight rope walking

Learning how to master the unicycle

Wow!  Look at him go
I enjoy attending the fashion show every year as there is always new clothing that they model.  I am so impressed with the craftsmanship of the people of the Arctic and how they use different furs.  Each region of the Arctic has their own style of clothes.

Typical clothing that they would wear when out on the land in the winter

Seal and beaded coat

Cambridge Bay is well known for their Mother Hubbard parkas

Love her kamiks (boots)

Another Mother Hubbard parka

Sunburst hood

They needed a male model so they pulled Derrick out of the audience
Even though there are events going on all week long the festival kick off to me is when the parade begins.  The town shuts down on Friday afternoon while many people do the last minute prep work on their floats.  You will see anything from kids bikes decorated, 4 wheelers, trucks and of course floats that businesses have entered.  Our work did not enter this year but we were there in full force handing out our peppered char candy and toques. 
Annie, myself, Alice & Donna handing out some goodies at the parade

One of the 'floats' from the parade

Ollie the Omingmak (musk ox) the mascot for the festival

Some of the cutest spectators

My beautiful friend Eva preparing herself to say the opening prayer

Our local Cadets always lead the way

Ollie is everywhere!

One of the circus students

Karen wearing her beautiful coat

Our Royal Family for the next year
On  Saturday I took a break from editing pictures to spend the afternoon on the ice watching and taking pictures of the snow machine races and the street hockey games.

My little buddy - Elaine

Setting up for the races

The kids 120 races


Bessie came in second - love that she is wearing her traditional parka while racing

This is Gwen the winner of the Elder's 120 race.
They take over the mean machines after the kids race
The remaining are some highlights of the snow machine races.

I am writing this as I sit in our hotel room in Edmonton.  We arrived this evening as we started our journey with Hannah.  She is usually a really good traveller but when we arrived at the hotel she was pretty stressed and having seizures.  She has settled nicely now and hopefully she will rest for the remaining of the night.  Everyone is zonked out on the bed, including Craig, it's been a stressful day for us and I admit I had a bit of a breakdown while entering the plane in Cambridge Bay.  We do not have an early flight tomorrow to Winnipeg, we will be able to sleep in a bit as long as the dogs let us.
Temperatures are supposed to be in the upper 20'c mark which is the perfect weather to spend outside with Hannah.  She deserves to lay and walk in the green grass and just hang out with Granny (my mom).  We will enjoy our next few days with her and make the best of the time we have together.
Talk soon

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  1. Denise and Craig, Our thoughts are very much with you both in these final days with your special Hannah Banana! I'm sure you're loving her all up, as you should!! She is a special part of your family and always will be. She'll be missed by her human family and her animal family both.
    BIG HUGS. Lisa and girls xoxoxo