Monday, November 25, 2013

Not Much New on the Homefront

November is a slow time of year for me at work and at home.  Days are getting shorter and temperatures are getting colder but what would you expect, we live in the High Arctic. Our temperatures have been sitting in the mid -20'c and then you add the wind chill to it and it brings it into the -40'c.  Our final day of sun will be this Saturday November 30th.
First Air flight leaving with the setting sun

During the short days we have, the skies have beautiful colours

These next series were taken today at high noon
As you can see the sun is not high in the sky

Some Komatiks (sleds) on the ice

The Martin Bergmann iced in for the winter
A couple of weeks ago I went into the Christmas Bazaar with my pictures and I am happy to report that the canvas prints were a huge success.  I have always wanted to do some canvas and thanks to my brother in law Ken he suggested a company that he uses.  I am heading to another show on the 7th of December and then we will be heading out to spend Christmas with family and friends.
My table at the Christmas Bazaar

Kim our friend and neighbour helped me out
A family friend has one of these and I loved it so much I ordered three 'beta fish wall mount tanks' from EBay. Finally found them Sandy!  I had brought up three air plants from our last trip south and the seashells are from our travels to warmer places.

I teach dog obedience up here every Saturday and this Saturday I took Miss Molly with me.  I used to attend classes with her every week down south and she really enjoys it so off we went.  She was extremely tired that night and for some reason so was Blitz.
'My brain is so tired'

 Blitz sleeps in these crazy positions and here is one of them.  I have no idea how he balances himself so that he doesn't slip off the couch.  I was told by his breeder that his grandfather would slip right off the couch and keep on least he comes by it honestly.
We don't get too much of an opportunity to take the dogs out for a good run because by the time we get home from work it's too dark to take them out on the tundra. Sunday we had a couple hours of daylight so we all bundled up and headed out with them. Here's some pics of our day out.
Tundra Wrestling at it's best

Run Blitzy Boy run

All three decked out in their Chilly Coats and Muttluks booties
They are not bred for this type of weather and I am sure the huskies and malamutes laugh at them with their winter gear on.

This is how we dress when the temperatures go into the -40's (Celsius)

Labrador Photo Bomb!
I really appreciate our water & sewer guys and the guys who deliver our fuel.  For my newer blog readers/followers we get out water delivered and sewer pumped out every Monday, Wednesday, Friday and Sunday and they work every day but Christmas.  We found another message on our garage wall this past week and I'm not sure who left it, either the water guys or the fuel guy as we had both delivered that same day.  It really doesn't matter it was just nice to come home with a message left in the snow on our garage...Thank you!
The water hose is hooked up to the top pipe and when the water flows out the bottom
our tank is full inside the house. Simple and genius!

This is our mechanical room with a view of our water tank

Here's the message left in the snow on our garage
Talk soon! 

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