Saturday, October 13, 2012

My Life Has Gone to the Dogs

Surprised?  Most of you who know me won't be surprised when I state that we have yet another foster dog staying with us.  This one is a little different in many ways,  as he was our neighbour's dog and we saw him grow and come out of his shell.  Our neighbour is a good dog owner but just can not afford the $1500.00 to send out his female for spaying.  A sad reality to northern living.  The other two fosters we had were only with us for a couple of hours but this little guy, Sam, arrived last night after work and will be with us for the weekend.  Sam is a cute little husky cross, about 10 weeks old and my Blitz loves him to pieces.  I have been feeling a bit under the weather this week so I am pleased that Blitz is a good puppy sitter.

It's weird having a northern breed in the house as he howls, doesn't chance a ball and pants due to the heat in the house.  This little guy was born and lived his first few weeks outside and has never been in a house.  I vaccinated and dewormed him yesterday and from there he and Blitz played and played and played, both are quite tired this afternoon.  He slept most of the night, only woke me up a couple of times, once to go outside for a pee and the other time he was panting...two of ours were under our blankets.  Again, very strange for me to see the difference in the breeds.  All in all Sam has been a very good puppy and we will miss him when he goes, well maybe not the cat she will be pissed at me for weeks to come.

I am asking my readers a huge favour, to vote for the organization that I am involved with up here.  You are allowed to vote once a day and we require as many votes as possible to help us raise funds to fly a vet and supplies/equipment up here.  Minimum cost is about $10,000.00 for this to happen.  Here is the link to vote for Diamonds in the Ruff:  I thank you all in advance!
The weather was a bit ugly this past week with blowing snow and the temps close to -20'c with the windchill.  So needless to say winter has arrived and will stay with us for the next 8 months.  We will be leaving for Florida and Antigua this winter, two different trips within a month apart so will receive our share of vitamin D for the winter.  I noticed this week a change in the amount of daylight we receive daily as the sun is rising when we head to work and close to setting when we get off work.  Today it rose at 8:02 and will set at 17:31, we loose about 10 minutes a day until November 30 when it will set and not rise until mid January.
A week ago I had a meeting with Clara at the Arctic Visitor Centre.  She heard through the grapevine that I may have some photographs of the Maud that she may want to purchase.  After 80 years the Maud is scheduled to leave Cambridge Bay next year so the Centre is looking for recent photos of it.  I printed 4 pictures in total for her, 2 - 11 x 14 and 2 - 11 x 17 and she is very interested in all 4 prints.  She has a meeting next week and we will go from there, it is very exciting!
Talk soon!
Blitz, Hannah and Molly
My beautiful yellow lab
She blends so well with the rocks
I usually don't get so many good pics of Hannah but she was a great model this day
The princess Molly
My boy Blitz
The men in my life, Craig & Blitz
Blitz and Sam playing
and playing
and playing
Getting tired
Sam tired out but Blitz is keeping an eye on him

Both are done for the night
Cute little pink pads - love the black dots
Sam at rest
Sleeping under the table
This is what our view was for most of last week
Hardly can see the tower 

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