Sunday, September 23, 2012

The Place I Call Home

Since I just celebrated my two year anniversary of living in the high Arctic I though I would do a little reminiscing.   Some of the photos may be a repeat of our neighbourhood and our little village of 1600 people and others are brand new. 
Cambridge Bay had another visitor yesterday, The Octopus, not the 8 legged kind but Paul Allen's 414 foot mega yacht.  I had the privilege of selling muskox and Arctic char to them and meeting the helicopter crew when Marg and I delivered the goodies.  It came closer to the shore today so I headed out to photograph was amazing.
After I delivered the goodies I grabbed the dogs and headed towards Mt. Pelly.  All of the animals have turned from brown to white, seen a few Arctic foxes & hares, snowy owls, swans and a cute little lemming.  I drove across the bay to shoot the Maud, Stone Church and the Eagle.  The narwhals are also back in the bay and the hunters are in full force everyday trying to catch their limit.  I didn't get any good shots of them but I did include a couple of OK ones.
The Martin Bergmann returned from their expedition, they were searching for Franklin's lost ships.  Sir John Franklin, 59, left England in 1845 with two ships and 134 crewmen bound for the Northwest Passage.  Sadly, the entire expedition were lost. The Martin Bergmann will again call Cambridge Bay it's home for the winter.  To find out more about their expedition, search on, Canada.
Temperatures have been relatively nice here in the North with temperatures sitting around 5'c.  The sun rose today at 6:46 and will set at 18:59.  We still have another couple of months before we experience 24 hour darkness.
Talk soon!
 This lemming came for a visit while I was taking pics of the Arctic hares
Young Arctic hare
This cutie belongs to our neighbour
This handsome boy belongs to me
Narwhals are back in the bay
Not a great shot but you can see the tusks
A gull having some whale for lunch today
The new KIA (Kitikmeot Inuit Association) building
Green Row - a place to stay while visiting me
Inns North - another place where you can stay
The Northern Store where we do most of our shopping
The RBC bank and the Co-op
View from our driveway looking towards the water
View looking the other way
See how close we are to the water
Our home
Helen showing off her beautiful sunburst parka and the Nunavut flag
Loads of waves in the ocean yesterday
The Octopus
Some of the crew coming in
Getting closer to shore
A crew member bringing in some luggage
And they're off
Helicopter coming in for a landing
Safely landed, you can get an idea of how big the yacht is
Fishing boat along the Arctic Ocean shore
The remains of the Old Stone Church
The Martin Bergmann back from their Franklin expedition
 The Eagle - abandoned ship
The Famous Maud
The newly erected stone Carin in front of the Maud


Old sewing machine from the Maud - simply cool


  1. How many lenses did you use between all the pics? Which were all amazing by the way.

  2. Thanks a bunch Robyn! I just used two, my 500mm and my wide angle this time.