Wednesday, August 8, 2012

It's Good to be Home

It is good to go away but I am always happy to be home and sleeping in my own bed.  No offense Sandy, your bed is comfy but my bed fits my body better. haha  Thanks again for letting Hannah and I spend most of our time with you, Keith and of course Lexie. 

My flight from Winnipeg to Edmonton was interesting as I spent it with the band members of Harlequin who bought me a drink, had loads of laughs and got to know Nik, the bass player.  Harlequin is a rock band that was formed in Manitoba, my home province, in the mid '70s and are still active today. A fun bunch of guys and they were quite interested in ordering some Arctic char and muskox.  Talking to these guys sure made my flight seem fast.

I have been busy at work playing catch up and by early next week I should be all caught up.  Some of our fishers headed out to 30 Mile to set up camp and bring some supplies for the weir and hopefully we will see some good looking Arctic char coming in next week.   Our Wellington Bay fishers will also be heading out to set up camp so we will have two river systems on the go at the same time...yikes!  I am thinking it's gonna be a busy time at work.  Once 30 Mile is completed they will head over to Jayko Lake to fish by weir.  We haven't been to Jayko for a few years now so it will be interesting to see how they do.

Last night Marg, Craig and I headed out by quad to Long Point, one of my favorite places to go.  It has beautiful sandy beaches, yes sandy beaches with sea shells.  Spent some time there taking pics, too bad I didn't bring the Nikon just had my Panasonic with me.  From there, we drove up to the river then to Augusta Hills and sat there for a couple of minutes and enjoyed the views.  On the way home clouds rolled in and gave us some beautiful skies for our drive.

Tomorrow my buddy Les from DFO (Department of Fisheries & Oceans) will arrive and will be here for the next month working.  We always have a blast with him and Craig and I are looking forward to hosting a few dinners, fishing and quadding when he is not in the field. 

Today the sun rose at 3:36am and will set at 10:31pm so it's up for about 19 hours.  The sunset is increasing about 10 minutes a day now and in no time we will be experiencing 24 hour darkness. The temperatures are still great, sitting at about 15'c for the next few days.  Hope this weather sticks around for awhile but I fear it will be dropping soon...just like the sun.

Talk soon!

The beach trail to Long Point
Our quads from left to right, Marg, mine and Craig's
Trish look at the rock I found for you!
Very low tide at Long Point
Spectacular views 
Marg was very happy she got her quad back from repair

I thought this large rock was very cool looking as it looked like a giant's head/face
Craig enjoying the views at Long Point
Augusta Hills
This photo was taken around 10:00pm

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