Friday, April 20, 2012

Dease Strait Ice Road

The ice road opened a little over a week ago heading to the mainland and is primarily used for bringing supplies back and forth to Hope Bay Mine.  So yesterday after work Marg, Wayne, Craig, myself and the Shorthairs decided to make the hike over.  We decided to take two vehicles just in case we run into trouble and we left CamBay about 6:15pm.  After 2 hours of driving we arrived at the mainland, the road was smooth in some areas but very bumpy and rough in others.  We spent a bit of time there taking pictures and I played ball with the Shorthairs as the others took a walk up the hill.  The sun was setting and we knew it would be another couple of hours back to CamBay so off we went again.  The only wildlife we seen was on the way back was a couple of Ptarmagans playing chicken with Wayne while he was driving.  No worries, Wayne did not hit them but he said he ruffled a bit of tail feathers.  We arrived back home around 10:30pm and our bodies a bit sore from all of the bumps on the road.  It was a fun evening and a great experience, how many people can say they drove Dease Strait?

Talk soon!

The beginning of the ice road
Marg and Wayne leading the way
Traffic jam in the middle of nowhere
Land Ho
Main land
Another view
Close up view
Snow train
Craig and the Shorthairs

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