Thursday, April 26, 2012

And the adventure begins...

Blitz and I left Cambridge Bay around 12:30pm and we decided to take the long way around to Edmonton, you know the Milk Run.  I thought I would check out the east before heading west.  Here's how our day went.  From home we flew to Gjoa Haven but the visiblilty at the time was no good so there would be no landing at this time.  We then proceeded to go to Taloyoak which we landed safely. The guys had to unload the plane which took longer as they had to move the cargo for Gjoa Haven to get to their cargo/supplies.  Back on the plane I go and it just seemed like we got into the air and we were landing again...yes you guessed it Gjoa Haven.  Skies cleared for landing and thankfully it was a short visit.  Off to Yellowknife we go and now I am getting a little worried as we are running late.  Made it Yellowknife with no time to spare, plane was already loaded and myself and Blitz had to go through security.  Poor Blitzy as I was hoping I could let him out for a pee when we arrived in YK but no way was security going to let me out of their sight. 

So after 9 hours of travelling we are now in Edmonton and one more bathroom break for the boy and off to bed we go as we have an early flight to Manitoba.  I will spend the day to do a bit of shopping and then it's off to my mom's in Carman until Sunday.  We will be in Lac du Bonnet with Craig's parents for a week after that.  Next posting will probably be Monday.

Today's pictures are all of Blitz getting ready to go and crashing in the hotel. 

Talk soon!

Not sure what made him climb on the Action Packer then onto his kennel.  I guess he didn't want me to leave without him.
Then he thought he would make himself comfortable.
Then REALLY comfortable...never a dull moment with the Blitz around.
Ok now this is the spot

Good Nite All...


  1. Thank you for sharing your adventures with Blitz and yourself. Such a handsome fella. What super photos of Blitz on his journey. Thanks LeBleu team. Samuel. :-)

    1. Thank you Samuel for the kind words!