Friday, October 21, 2011


Some of you have been asking if I have a website, my God I can hardly keep up with my blog never mind a website! haha  The pictures tonight are some of my favorite pictures from this past year.  I know it's been about 3 weeks since my last blog entry and I really have no excuse why I didn't do it sooner.  I will just say time sure flies when you are having fun.

Work has been busy with lessons on proposals and where to get project funding from.  My eyes were opened this week when Stephane and I had a meeting and was told what can be funded.  We are excited about the opportunities and we are getting our 'shopping list' ready.  We submitted a proposal for The International Seafood Show in Boston this March and it looks promising for Stephane and me.  I am hoping that Craig can get the time off and join us.  Crystal, our HACCP coordinator is in from Alberta to sort out our food safety program.  She is here for a total of three weeks and she is a blast to have around.  We will miss her when she goes home.

We are planning a trip to head back to Manitoba in early December to see family and friends and to celebrate Christmas early.  We were hoping to keep on heading south to Florida to see Ken, Andrea and Jade but noticed that our passports are due.  We would hate to book a trip and then be refused if we don't get our passports in time.  I thought they were due in late December not early December...

The weather has been hitting the double digits, minus that is.  With the windchill it has been hitting the -20'c mark.  The sun has been rising about 8:30am and setting about 5:00pm and soon we will say good-bye to the sun for a couple of months.  The bay finally has some ice on it and soon we will hear the roar of snow machines.  They are still using their quads as there isn't that much snow around.

The caribou or tuktu are coming closer, they are about 5 miles from Mt. Pelly and the local hunters are heading out on their quads to get meat for their families.  I am hoping that we do not get much snow so that we can drive out to see the herd heading to the mainland for the winter.

Talk soon!

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