Tuesday, October 4, 2011


Saturday was a blast at the fundraiser event.  Angela organized another great evening in the community to raise funds for our local food bank.  Five dollars would get you a beverage of either coffee, tea or hot chocolate, a home baked goodies and an evening of fine music by Latitude 69 and Muskox Radio.  The canteen was also selling donated items of sub sandwiches and many home made treats. It was such a packed house that we needed to add three more tables and chairs so that everyone had a seat.  Raffle tickets were sold for a toonie each and there were many tables of prizes to choose from.  For the brave ones there was a live auction of a beautiful woman's winter coat, a Nunavut hockey jersey and a framed print from me.  Keith Peterson, the MLA for Cambridge Bay ended up getting my print.  In the end the community raised about $4500.00 for the local food bank.

The afternoon prior to the fundraiser I showed my pictures in the Saturday Market.  I was very surprised in the end as I sold 13 prints and have an order for about a dozen more pictures.  I am booked for the Christmas Bizarre next month and I get excited every time I think about it.  I had great feedback from everyone that came by my booth.  I have a couple more surprises up my sleeve for November and December.

Brian, our business advisor from Rankin Inlet, left today after spending about 4 days with me in the office.  He taught me many aspects of Kitikmeot Foods, I just hope I remember everything he showed me.  If not I know he is only a phone call or email away.  Next visitor to the plant will be Crystal from Calgary, she is our HACPP coordinator and will be helping us out for about 3 weeks to revise our food safety protocol.  We are finished processing the Arctic char and we are now onto muskox.

Last week I had a video conference with my physiotherapist from Yellowknife.  It lasted about an hour and she will be calling me again next week and I may have to head to YK one more time.  I am hardly wearing my boot now a days and I am looking forward when I can finally hang the boot up for good.  I was concerned as I had some numbing and a different kind of pain but Erica (physiotherapist) assured me that this is all part of the healing and is normal.

The weather here has been nice these past couple of days and the little bit of snow we had last week has been melting.  Days are getting shorter by the day, rising about 7:30am and setting about 6pm.  It will be less than two months when the sun will set and not rise again until mid January.

Talk soon!

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