Sunday, October 23, 2011

Endangered Cocktails

Last night I was invited to the 'CamBay Ladies United for the Preservation of Endangered Cocktails.'  My friend Marg was hosting the party and the endangered cocktail for the evening was the Singapore Sling.  The theme for the evening was all things tropical and a couple ladies, not mentioning any names as you know who you are,  dressed for the evening.  About a dozen ladies attended the party, some I knew and some I became more acquainted with.  Every month these ladies take turns hosting a party where she decides what the featured drink and theme will be. It was a great evening of laughter, eating and of course drinking the Singapore Sling. 

Today the weather was nice and not much wind so we decided to take the dogs out for a run.  It had been a while since we took them out so after lunch off we went.  We spent a couple of hours out on the land and the dogs really enjoyed themselves.  We seen a herd of muskox in the distance and a couple of snowy owls.  Unfortunately I did not have my big lens with me so I didn't get any pictures of either.  I should know better and I should always bring my monster lens with me every time I go out.

It has been about two weeks since I wore the boot and the ankle is doing alright.  There was a physiotherapist in from Yellowknife this past week and I had an appointment with her on Tuesday.  She is happy with my progress and has given me some strengthening exercises to do along with the flexibility exercises.  I am still waiting to hear from Yellowknife to see if I need to head down for one more visit.

Talk soon!

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