Monday, June 6, 2011

Painting and Music

Painting and music...those are the two things we were up to since the last time I blogged.  We had two rooms to finish in the house, the well-known princess room and the boring bathroom.  The princess room was definitely a little girls room with pink & purple wallpaper, purple and white ceiling, purple doors and trim with flowing lace drapes to top it all off.  The bathroom was boring white walls and too much knotty pine cabinets and fixtures.  Craig worked on the princess room and I in the bathroom.  The bedroom is now a nice and relaxing room with tone on tone colours.  The bathroom has a beach theme, but not over done, with sand coloured walls and off white painted cabinets with brushed nickel fixtures.  I love both rooms now and we are now finished painting the whole house.  I wanted to get this done before the nice weather comes.  I have before and after pictures posted.

Now for the music part of this blog.  Craig was asked to play piano for a voice recital that was happening in Cambridge Bay.  Gwenna Fairchild-Taylor is an opera singer from London, Ontario who came up to give voice lessons and to organize a recital.  It was held on June 2nd at the St. George Anglican Church at 7pm.  Her students ranged in age and the performances were wonderful.  The surprise of the night was Jane who works at the RBC bank here in town. We found out that she has an amazing voice and her and Gwenna did a duet, they sang Pie Jesu by Andrew Lloyd Webber.  Each student had their turn on stage in front of a great crowd.  After the recital a few of us headed over to Marg's home for tea and to talk about the night's performances. 

This past Saturday we celebrated Craig's 43rd Birthday with a 'Burgers & Beer Birthday Bash'.  We had about a dozen close friends over and as soon as the burgers were done Craig and Ryan pulled out their guitars and started to play.  Kim, who plays drums with them quickly headed home to pick up her set as she just couldn't stand the boys playing without her.  We are sure glad that she did.  Just about everyone took their turn singing, some of us are shower singers and left the singing to the more advanced.  There are pics of both the recital and of Craig's party.

Yesterday was a day of rest for us, we ate left overs and chilled all day long.  Craig received many phone calls from family and friends down south, it made his birthday that more special. It has been snowing on and off here in Cambridge Bay for the past couple of days.  Not heavy snow just enough to be annoying.  The ground is still mostly covered with that white stuff and I have no idea how the birds survive.  Craig made me a couple of feeders so we have been feeding the small birdies and it is also entertainment for the pointers.

I am heading to Edmonton tomorrow and then to Manitoba on Wednesday.  I am bringing Hannah along for the ride as this will be the last time she donates blood to the Canadian Animal Blood Bank.  She has been donating since she was about 2 years old, she is now 10.  The cut off age is 8 but because she is in excellent shape they extended her donating.  She is an old pro at it and I think she will miss seeing everyone at Red River.  Blitz will now take over the leash as he had been accepted by the Blood Bank already. 

My next post will be from Craig's parents home in Lac du Bonnet with green all around me.

Talk soon!

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