Friday, June 17, 2011

Hannah & Denise's Manitoba Adventures - Part 2

Well part 2 of our Manitoba adventure was quite an adventure.  I arrived at mom's in Carman on Monday and on Tuesday we headed over to Lockport Manitoba for lunch with Craig's parents and the ROMEO group.  ROMEO stands for 'retired old men eating out' a fun loving group which meets once a month for lunch at various locations. 

After lunch the ladies did some shopping while the men had a round of golf.  We all met at Lorraine's new condo for dessert and coffee.   Mom and I headed over our friends Trish and Rod's home in East Selkirk.  Sandy was also there and the girls went over to Selkirk to do a little shopping and then Rod met us at Boston Pizza for dinner. 

The following day mom and I were on the road again, this time we headed into Winnipeg for lunch with Jillian, CJ and Brandi some of the girls that I used to work with at Birchwood Animal Hospital.  After that mom and I did more shopping until 5pm when Hannah had an appointment to donate blood.  Hannah has been donating blood through Canadian Animal Blood Bank since she was 2 years old and this was her last as she is now retired after 25 donations.  They usually retire them at 8 years old but since Hannah is in good shape they extended her time until 10 years old.  She will now pass on the torch to her baby brother Blitz.

Thursday we took a drove to Trehrene Manitoba to see the glass bottle structures there.   Unfortunately the fence was locked so I had to take some pictures through the fence.  From there we headed north to Portage la Prairie to surprise my auntie Lorraine and uncle Al.  I haven't seen them for over a year and it was a really nice visit.

Today went off with a bang.  If anyone knows me they know that I was born a klutz and today I proved it again.  I got up early to do laundry before I headed to Sandy and Keith's for the weekend. Before that  I headed out the backdoor onto the deck to clean up puppy poo.  Mom's deck and stairs are....well you could say old and rotten.  My left leg went through the second last stair, twisted and I fell onto the deck with my left leg still in the stair.  I ended up at the Carman Hospital and after a round of x-rays, vitals and some good pain drugs I broke my ankle.  I have a great looking cast on that I have to wear for 8 weeks...YIPPEE! 

Pics today are of our adventures this past week.

Talk soon!

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