Monday, May 16, 2011


Both Craig and I had some special visitors this weekend.  Craig had Flat Stanley as a visitor who came from his nephew Reece from Winnipeg.  Reece's class read a book about Flat Stanley, it's about a young boy who is accidentally flattened when a bulletin board falls on him.  He is very flat but he is perfectly normal otherwise.  He came up here as he wants to see the world and I guess we were picked as the world up here is very different. 

My visitor was a surprise, a special friend that I used to work with, M & M, Birchwood Animal Hospital's famous feline.  It was a bit hectic here at times over the weekend as we needed to show them the sites of Cambridge Bay.  All M & M wanted to do was visit the Northern Store for bacon.  We did convince him to go for a ride onto the ice road today.  Mocha our cat was a bit smitten with him, he is a handsome boy mind you.  M & M and Stanley both return back to Winnipeg tomorrow, check out the pictures of the fun we had with them this weekend.

Another visitor to CamBay yesterday was Buffalo Airlines, you know the TV show Ice Pilots.  We even got to talk to one of the pilots, Craig's dad should of been here...very cool!  They were bringing up cargo from Yellowknife and dropping it off here, switching airlines to head to Hope Bay.  I guess the air strip in Hope Bay is too small for Buffalo planes. 

I had yet another check up for my wrist on Wednesday and yes the doctor injected some cortisone into it...OUCH!  I didn't work for the rest of the day and wore my brace after that as I was not allowed to lift up anything for about 3 days after.  I return in 2 weeks for a recheck. 

We decided to head out onto the ice road today to see if we could see some caribou coming from the mainland to the island, they come across this time of year to calf and spend the summer months here and then return again to the mainland once the waters turn to ice.  We didn't see any but what we did see were alot of geese, gulls, a hawk and alot of people snowmobiling, sledding, kiting and just having fun.  In our travels today we also came across a chunk of ice along the shoreline.  It was my first close up view of the ice and it is so blue and crystal is hard to describe, just simply amazing and beautiful.

I may be a permanent fixture at Kitikmeot Foods Ltd.  To tell you the truth I was a little overwhelmed as I seen just a glimpse of what Monique did for the company plus I had no idea what was involved with harvesting muskox and Arctic char.  NDC (Nunavut Development Corporation) is the major shareholder of the meat plant and I had a talk with Brian from Rankin Inlet on Friday and hopefully this week we will come to an agreement.

The 2011 Omingmak Frolics began here on Friday with a $10,000.00 Bingo and will end on Monday May 23rd with closing ceremonies.  All week there will be corporate challenges, snowmobile races, traditional games, craft shows,  fashion shows, community feast, and as they say the list goes on and on.  It will be my first Frolics and I am sure I will have loads of stories and pictures to share with you but for now....

Just to let you know it is now 12:26am and the sun just went down half an hour ago..FREAKY!

Talk soon!

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