Sunday, May 1, 2011

Games People Play

On Friday I was invited to play the $10,000 Radio Bingo at Monique & Doris' home but I bowed out as I am not much of a Bingo player.  So instead Craig and I headed over to Jim & Sheila's home to shave their little Pomeranian down to...well nothing.  With the help of Sheila holding Boo I did my best to shave her into a little lion.  I must say she is really cute and very tiny and I thought she was little before I shaved her.  She is a wiggly little girl so there are some touch ups to do but we will do them another day. 

On Saturday it was Craig's dart league wind-up, a potluck dinner held at the Elk's.  So Craig was busy making homemade buns in the morning and then after lunch we headed to the Northern Store to pick up a few groceries and a dessert for the night.  I must say it was the most expensive grocery bill as a new 46" Sony Bravia TV ended up in our grocery cart.  Every time we go to the Northern I have my eye on this TV so finally today I talked Craig into it, trust me there wasn't that much effort.  We had just enough time to bring everything home before Craig had to head over to Gary's home to set up his instruments for the evening and then back home to get ready for the dinner. 

The dinner at the dart windup was yummy and I had the opportunity to have caribou for the first time.  I must say it was quite good and Craig's buns were a success, even if they were a little on the small side.  Craig's team did not win any trophies but in the end every dart member received a small token of appreciation.  We had to cut the evening short at the Elks as Craig had to practice one last time for their gig next weekend for a Cancer Society fundraiser here in town.  It is on Saturday May 7th at 7pm held at the community hall.  It's only a toonie to get in so if you are in Cambridge Bay this weekend come on down it will be a hoot.  

Today while I was in the shower Michelle came over, she is the lady that I helped with her dog last weekend.  She had a armfull of home baked goodies and a hand beaded pin for a thank you gift.  I wished I wasn't in the shower when she came over.  Her dog's leg was saved in Calgary, re-attaching part of her pad but unfortuantely the whole foot could not be saved.  She is expected to be home on Thursday of this week.  She is one lucky dog as it could of been alot worse. 

Craig and I also headed to Lyle and Eva Greenley's home for a visit today and to clip their dog's nails.  Lyle and Eva play darts with Craig on Tuesday nights. Their dog is a cute little Jack Russell who wasn't that bad for his nails.  From their home we seen some excitment happening on the ice so after our visit we took the scenic route home by the ice.  There were snowmachine races going on today.  I dropped Craig at home as Jim was coming over to help set up the new TV and I headed onto the ice with my camera in hand.  I remember when we were kids going to Beausejour Manitoba to watch the races so this brought back some fond memories for me.

This Wednesday I have another doctor appointment for my wrist.  I think they are injecting some cortisone into it, not looking forward to that but if it will help I guess I will do it.  This is when I wish I had my mommy, well maybe not as she has fainted on me before when I received needles and Craig is no better.  Anyone want to come and hold my hand?

I am hoping to have the spare bedroom finished this week with Craig's help.  I am trying to talk my friend Judy to come up here this summer for a visit so I have to get this room done just in case.  Plus I was getting tired of the princess room. Don't worry once it is completed I will share before and after pics.

I am heading back to Manitoba on June 7th to the 23rd to visit with family and friends.  So far Hannah will join me for the trip as her granny (my mom) would really like to see her.  We have a stop over in Edmonton for the night and then leave early in the morning on the 8th to arrive in Winnipeg around 9am.  Maybe just maybe Judy will join me on the trip back here.  I hope the pointers behave for Craig and that Craig will make sure that Molly gets all of her meds while I am gone. 

FYI:  Temperature tonight is -37'c with the windchill, -25'c without.  Sun rose today at 3:45am and sunset was at 10:14pm and still alot of snow hanging around.

Check out the pics tonight, there is a whack of them.
Talk soon!

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