Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Roller Coaster Ride

Yep, that about sums it up for this past weekend.  There are very few things in this world that I hate, one being worms and the other is cancer.  It took my Dad in the year 2000 and ever since then it has showed it's ugly face with my mom and many of our friends and relatives. 

This weekend Latitude 69, the band that Craig plays in was asked to perform at a fundraising event to raise money for the cancer society.  It was also a celebration of life and wellness.  In the mist of setting up in the afternoon we received a call stating that our friend Monique was being Medivac out.  We dropped everything and headed over to her & Doris' place to be by their side along with other close friends of theirs.  She is now in Yellowknife spending time with her family, we miss our visits with her and Doris as they are part of our Northern Family.

We headed back to the Luke Novoligak Community Centre to finish with sound checks and helping Angela set up for the evening.  Angela is an amazing woman, she fundraises throughout the year and raises alot of money for the cancer society.  The evening was a success as this small community raised over $4000.00.  Latitude 69 was not the only performers of the evening, special quests Muskox Rodeo, Joe & his son Ashlee Otokiak and the Cambridge Bay Square Dancers shared the stage.  At one point Latitude 69 and Muskox Rodeo played a couple of songs together.  Everyone that attended said they had a fantastic time and enjoyed all of the performers.  Check out all of the pictures from the event.

I was one of the many photographers that evening and was pleased when asked if I would be interested in getting one or two of my photos published in Nunatsiaq Online.  It is the paper of the North, serving all of Nunavut, kinda like the Globe & Mail down south.  That was kinda cool as it was my first published picture.

Then the roller coaster headed straight down again as I received news yesterday stating that a friend and ex-coworker from Birchwood Animal Hospital passed away from...yes you guessed it cancer.  In honour of Heather I would like to dedicate this blog entry to her.  She was much too young and my heart goes out to her husband David and their son Connor.

Talk soon!

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