Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Ice Road Trucking

Well after 3 days of trying to get onto the ice road Craig, Molly & I finally made it out last night.  The road heads out of town to West Arm.  The ice road is smooth and is probably the best road in Cambridge Bay.  It is my first time on any type of ice road and at first I was a bit nervous but then realized that the ice is 7 feet deep or more.  Heck if the semi trucks can go on it why can't our little Ford Ranger.  We made it there before the sunset, visited the igloo that someone had made and then headed back, taking more pictures along the way.  The wind was cold last night and Molly didn't last on the ice so we had to put her back in the truck, Craig and I didn't last too long either.  This weekend is suppose to warm up so we may have to visit it again.

This past week had been very stressful for me with Molly.  Everytime I left the house she got into something, I was at my wits end.  I moved all of the food from the bottom cupboards to the top ones or into our barge room.  Even after doing that she managed to open up the corner cupboard doors and pull out what she could.  When I first got Molly she had huge separatation issues and I guess with me being off work for 10 months, spending every moment with her and then heading back to work she was upset.  So after 7 years she is back on Clomicalm, it was either that or me coming home to a dog in medical danger.  It has been three days now and she has not gotten into anything in the house.  She is still the same old loving little GSP, just now her brain is in the place where it should be....balanced.

Saturday was a busy day for me.  I headed to work for 8am to get some last minute paperwork done for the audit.  At 10:30 I left the office to bring some baked items to the Saturday Market.  Angie, our Post Master and a friend, puts on a bake sale once a year for Women's Cancer.  Craig and I baked 6 dozen peanut butter cookies, 5 dozen oatmeal raisin cookies, 3 1/2 dozen imperial cookies 48 carrot cupcakes and 23 bags of trail mix for the bake sale. This year was her biggest yet, with 5 tables of donated goodies she raised over $2600.00.  Kudos to Angie and to everyone who baked, worked and purchased something at the sale.  I was very happy as they were also selling daffodils at the market, as every year I purchase these flowers and was afraid that I couldn't this year. I stayed and helped until noon and then headed back to the plant until 4pm.

When I arrived home there was this cute little puppy hanging outside our door.  So you know me, I picked it up and headed inside with it.  Craig panicked a little but I assured him that I was not going to keep this puppy, I just wanted to find his home or a new one.  So off I went, puppy in tow, and drove around the neighbourhood to see if anyone was looking for this little fellow.  No luck.  I did run into Millie, her and her husband try to fly out as many dogs they can to the Yellowknife shelter.  She had to do some phone calls to arrange for a foster home.  I told her I could keep this little guy for one night.  So off I go back home, got Craig to get one of the crates from the garage, feed this starving little guy and then headed to Marg's for fabulous ham dinner.

After dinner we headed over to Gary and Kate's for the usual Saturday night jam with the boys.  Jim and the ladies visited while the others played and sang.  I left early, around 10pm as I had a new addition to look after.  Much to my surprise he didn't mess in his kennel.   Blitz took a liking to him and played with him until midnight and needless to say the puppy went into the crate without a fight and fell asleep within 5 minutes.  He spent the full day with us or should I say with Blitz on Sunday before I brought him to one of the RCMP homes where eventually he found his way back home.  I must admit I did vaccinate the little guy, probably the only vaccine he will ever get.  Blitz missed the puppy, he moped around the house for a couple of days after the puppy left.  He is better now as we spent some time out on the tundra yesterday to get his mind off the puppy.

Lots of pictures today ending with Craig and Molly in the igloo.
Talk soon!

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