Saturday, March 5, 2011

Working for a Livin'

What a week I had working at Kitikmeot Foods.  I started off the week working in the office and then in the end I was working in the abattoir.  My jobs this week consisted of helping Monique with her filing, trimming off the meat from the bones in the meat plant to doing the final trimming at the abattoir and back to the meat plant to tie the meat before going into the freezer. 

Annie, a co-worker of mine is a little power horse doing whatever is needed to get the job done.  I have learnt alot from Annie this week of how the plant works to her life living in Cambridge Bay.  She is an interesting and very fun loving person with a laugh or smile on her face at all times.  Annie and other co-workers have tried to get me to eat the musk ox meat; raw, dried and frozen but I have passed everytime.  Maybe one day I will try it but for now I will say 'quana' or thanks but no thanks. I will miss working with her this week as she is off to Yellowknife with her husband. 

Monique runs the meat plant and abattoir like a well oiled machine.  She organizes the hunters and makes sure their snow machines are filled with gas, oil checked, etc.  If anyone needs something done she is their go to woman.  She arranges meals for the staff at the abattoir and the hunters.  She not only over looks after the operation side of things but she also does the administrative jobs.  I have no idea how she does what she does but she does it.

I have met some great people working at Kitikmeot Foods and have learnt alot from everyone.  There is one more week left for the harvest and I am looking forward to helping out where ever needed. 

The pictures today are of Kitikmeot Foods and some of the workers.

Talk soon!

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