Wednesday, March 16, 2011

What's Up?

What's up you ask?  Well a few things have happened in the last couple of weeks so I guess I will start from the beginning.  A couple of Saturdays ago we were invited to Kate & Gary's home for a great turkey dinner.  It had all of the trimmings with a east coast flare.  Great cooks and hosts.  After dinner it was the boys and Kim's turn to entertain us with some music.  It was a fun night spent with good friends.

Craig & I were still helping out with the musk ox harvest here until the 11th.  It was busier and more hectic as our boss and friend Monique was medivac out to Yellowknife so we all had to pull up our socks and help out where ever needed.  She is still out on medical leave so she asked me to help out in the office doing her paperwork and getting ready for their year end at the end of the month...HELP!  We spend a lot of time on the phone each day as Monique trains me from her hospital bed in Yellowknife.  She knows this company inside and out, has helped me understand the operations the past three days and I will do what I can and hope the audit goes well in April, wish me luck. 

I had fun helping out with the harvest this year, first time ever working with musk ox.  I had met some fun people from the community and had a blast with the inspectors, Alex and Brian and the vet Dr. Kaz, all from Alberta.  The abattoir manager Peter is also from Alberta and I must apologize again to him as I 'accidently' let go of a leg and hit him in the face with the hoof.  I never lived that one down.    He told me that the fur is sent to Alberta where it is cleaned and then shipped to Peru from there.   The hunters told me that they had seen pack of wolves and a polar bear sightening, both were not that far from town.  Kinda cool yet scarry.  Would love to see either, just enough time to shoot a couple of pictures and then run.

I had a visit with the Health Centre on Monday morning as my right hand had been swollen for about a week.  After a round of x-rays I still do not know what is going on as the film was sent down south for a radiologist or doctor to have a look at them.  There is something going on in my wrist but the nurse could not diagnose it, maybe a small fracture or early arthritis.  It is wrapped and I am taking anti-inflammatory for the swelling, so now it's a waiting game.

Craig started his new job on Monday doing IT stuff for the Government of Nunavut.  So far I think he likes his job and he is already talking about going to other communities for short stays.  After 10 years of living apart I think I can live without him for a week at a time.  He was also offered a job with the Arctic College tutoring math and English but doesn't know his start day but knows it is a couple of evenings a week.

Last week was a bit hectic here with Molly as her vet thinks she had pneumonia, hard to tell without x-rays.  She's got this crazy chronic bronchitis and takes a couple of puffers every day.  She hasn't been quite right ever since we got home from Manitoba and it just seemed like it was getting worse.  She was running a fever & stopped eating so I had to change my outfit to 'nurse Denise' and forced fed her, gave her medications and sub-q fluids.  Her fever finally broke and she is back to eating but the cough is still there as per normal for Molly.  We will watch her to make sure she recovers completely. 

The sun has been shining brightly here for awhile but the temperatures still are cold, if interested in our weather you can go to  I did notice that the sun is so much brighter here and to go outside without sunglasses on is hard on the eyes.  Maybe it is because of the reflection on the snow? 

Since it was so sunny we headed to find some Arctic foxes and hares on Sunday.  We only found one fox and one hare but it was enough for me to get some pictures.  I wasn't too sure if the hare was a hare at first because they blend in so well in the snow.  When crunched down they look like a large rock covered in snow.   I had my 500mm out and got a few shots before he ran away.

Below are some pictures of our dinner, some of my co-workers during the harvest and of the fox and hare.

Talk soon!

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