Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Musk Ox Harvest 2011

I know, I know I promised you all a post yesterday but I was having a lot of trouble with the blog/internet.  It would not allow me to post some pictures but I found a way around it tonight so I here is goes.

It was a busy day here yesterday, I started a new job helping out with the musk ox harvest.  Our friend Monique is the manger of the meat plant here in town and she offered me a job.  The plant is called Kitikmeot Foods Ltd. and she is in charge of the harvest of musk ox and Arctic char in the summer.  Both meats are federally inspected and are shipped all over North America.  The harvest is only for a couple more weeks, the weather here has been stormy so the hunters can not get out onto the land, they are all hoping that the weather calms down tomorrow.  Sunday and yesterday I was helping in the office as her year end is around the corner and she needed some help organizing files.  Today both Craig and I helped out in the process area and after we suited up we were ready to work.  I think Craig was a little green around the gills when he first walked in but by the end of the morning he was trimming meat off the bones.  She hired both Craig and I and wanted Craig to help out as a driver but because there has been no harvest she asked him if he would like to work in the plant today.  Stephan, Monique's right hand man showed us the ropes today and answered any questions we may of had.  There were 9 of us today working with the meat and I asked Monique if I can bring my camera to the plant and she said yes so hopefully I will get some pictures tomorrow.  If you ever have the privilege of eating musk ox (I would suggest the French rack) from Kitikmeot Food I may have been the person that packaged the meat. 

Oh yeah...musk ox + dogs eating it = very smelly farts!  Just thought I'd share. haha

Before we left for our trip last month we had ordered a new fridge and dishwasher as the ones that come to the house were not energy efficient.  We had to order and have it delivered before March 31/11 to be eligible for a rebate from the Nunavut Government, we just may see half of our money back...well worth it. 

We had a few boxes that we needed to ship from Manitoba and we received our first 9 yesterday and 4 today, we are just waiting for two more shipments.  It felt like Christmas here these past couple of days, between the new appliances and our boxes arriving, even though the items in the boxes are some of our belongings that we had left at my mom's.

There was a blizzard warning here for today, it was windy mind you but no blizzard formed.  The temperatures have been hovering around the -40'c with the wind, boy do I miss Florida.  The sun is suppose to shine here for the rest of the week and even though it is cold when the sun beats down on your exposed skin it feels warm and good.

There is just a couple of pictures today of our new appliances, nothing too exciting for my readers but very exciting for us.

Talk soon!

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