Saturday, January 8, 2011

This Week in Review

On New Years Day evening after Craig was finished work we headed over to Sheila & Jim's home for a round of snackies (no supper that night) & games.  After we were stuffed we headed out the door, picked up our mutual friend Marg and proceeded to drive to  Freshwater Creek to shoot off some of their fireworks.  It was a fine display of lights from the fireworks and the Northern Lights.  Unfortunately, I did not bring my tripod with me plus I was still reading how to photograph these wonders of the world.  After the light show we all headed back to the house to play some games and around 1am Craig was ready to pack it in.  This was a total reverse as it is usually me saying it's time to go home.

The following day was Sunday and we were invited over to Marg's home for brunch.  And what a brunch it was!  Her and her daughter Cat made eggs, bacon, pancakes, hash browns, warm fruit and real whipping cream for our pancakes, toast, etc etc.  Afterwards Marg played us some songs on her piano before we headed home.  It was a perfect way to end a perfect brunch.

All of our Christmas decorations came down on that Sunday and the place looked bare at first.  Hannah was very happy to see Blitz's kennel back in the living room.  If you can not find her in the house she will be laying in the kennel.  She just loves the kennel, I rescued her when she was about 8 months old and the only time she was ever kenneled was when she went through her two spine surgeries.  NOT fun, how do you tell a very active yellow lab that she has to be kenneled for 4 months for each surgery, you think she would just hate a kennel.

I think I am a magnet for other people running a stop sign and hitting me.  I was taking Craig back to work when a local woman went through the stop sign and hit the side of our truck.  It was one of those where you seen it coming, tried to slam on your brakes but due to the slippery streets here you can't, so I decided to step on the gas.  Thank God I did as she ended up hitting the plastic that surrounds the tire at the back of the truck, only a small piece of plastic came off.  She had more damage to her truck, a Chevy mind you. haha  If I slowed down she would of hit the driver side door and would of done more damage to the truck and/or me.  It has been just about a year since my last accident so I was due for another.  I must remind my friend Randy, that even though I have been in a few accidents NONE have been my fault, not even 50%.  We are all ok, my shoulders are a bit sore today but don't know if it is because of the accident or the Argo ride last night or a combination of both.

Last night we were invited by our friend Marg and her friend Chris to head out on the land at 10:30pm to see if we can capture the Northern Lights on our cameras.  Chris has an Argo so the 4 of us headed south, I think, about 2 kms, I think.  I know we crossed the bay, from there who knows, I was along for the ride and the show.  Chris is a great photographer and a good teacher and he taught me a few things about low light photography.  The fog rolled in and we lost sight of Cambridge Bay, I did manage to get a couple of shots of the Northern Lights through the fog.  I wasn't worried about us getting back to town as Chris brought along his GPS (not our GSP, sorry had to).  So after about an hour we all climbed back into the Argo, but due to the cold weather the GPS was not working, no fear as Chris just followed his tracks back home, smart man.  It was a bit eerie out on the land in total darkness and the fog but very cool all at the same time.  I had a blast and I felt like a two year old all bundled up in my ski pants, parka, big mitts, scarf, and hat. It was a wee bit difficult to move but I didn't care, I was out on the land, in the dark, shooting the Northern Lights for the first time.  I hope the fog/clouds clear so I can go out again and get some better pictures.

I am looking forward to this coming Wednesday when the sun will rise for the first time since November 30th.  I hope that it is not cloudy that day.  The days are getting longer and the temperatures this week have not been that bad, even with the wind.

That's my week in review and the pictures below will reflect the fun we all had.

Talk soon!

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