Sunday, April 2, 2017

It Ain't No Fools Day Joke

First things first, we made it safely to our Southern Home and have been enjoying some warm sunny Arizona weather.  We have visited with our friends Debbie & Art before they left yesterday and of course always had a few laughs with them.  We also have seen Norma and we will be visiting again with her a few times before she heads back home for the summer.  We thought we wouldn't have any other visitors but Norma and our mutual friends Bernie and Al will be down for a week's visit and Craig's parents have decided to join in as well and will be here on Friday. 

Historians think that All Fool's Day begun in 1582 when the French switched from the Julian calendar to the Gregorian calendar.  Yesterday was no joke for Craig as he woke up with pain in his right hip area and by 2pm he was asking me to take him to the hospital as no over the counter pain medications were helping.  Our travel insurance company was fantastic, we needed to call them before we headed to the hospital and after getting all the information from me they told us where to go as they had everything arranged, billing them directly. Sure enough when we arrived at the emergency department the lady at the front desk was expecting us.  They took Craig in right away to do some preliminary tests including x-rays and the doctor requested a CT scan and an EKG.  So after 6 hours at the hospital all test were a bit inconclusive - possible kidney stone or a groin/ligament injury. No stone was seen on x-ray or CT scan but the doc didn't rule it out. He is on some good pain medication and he seems much more comfortable tonight.  Still a bit painful but at least he can sit for a bit without having extreme pain, pain that I have never seen him in.  Hoping that whatever it was it will soon be completely gone and he is in no more pain. 

Craig's official first ever USA hospital bracelet.
Yeah and everyone thought it would of been me who would of
been admitted first. lol

Debbie and Art know that I love anything old; buildings, trucks, cars you name it so the evening before they left we drove around for a bit to see a couple of old buildings that they found.  Yuma is full of history and in the right neighbourhood some very cool old structures. 

First we headed southwest just outside of Yuma and visited this old building.  Not sure if it is occupied but it looks like maybe it was an old general store or gas station where the owners would of lived in the second storey.  

Very large bougainvillea

USA flag hanging in one of the windows

After getting ice cream we drove to this 50's style dry cleaning building but more impressive was the sign at the corner.  It looked like it was something from the Jetson's cartoon (for those who remember that cartoon).  The amazing thing about this dry cleaner is that it is still in business, it's like you entered a time machine.

From there we drove around and found a neighbourhood that some of the original homes were being gutted and restored. I love it when people purchase historical homes and bring them back to their grand beauty.  We stopped at this one, I love the medallion above the front door - oh what I would give to have this hanging on my wall somewhere. 

I can imagine someone sitting in a rocking chair on the porch 
enjoying a beautiful Arizona sunset.

I bet this home was spectacular in it's day

Here is the medallion I was mentioning.
A few of these home have these and from what I saw every one was different

Before Debbie and Art left they gave us a bag full of lemons and a recipe to make lemonade.  Well these are not ordinary lemons...these are humungous lemons!  They said that they have never seen them get this big from their tree.  The picture below kinda gives you a perspective of how big these larger than grapefruit size lemons are and they make amazing lemonade.  

Like my friend Debbie says, if life gives you lemons...

We have a little zoo behind out fence this year, we have always had gophers but this spring came early and there are more than ever.  We also have a blue heron that frequents the fence line before the field and a pair of burrowing owls.   Not sure what the heron is hunting for but it's there every day. The owls appear around 7am every morning and then disappear into the den when the hot sun beats down on them.  They reappear around 4:30pm - it's like clockwork. So before supper Craig and I took a very short drive around the corner (he still can't walk far due to the lingering pain) to see if I could capture the owls and the heron.  The heron made a brief appearance before it flew away and only one owl came out to greet me.

Not a great picture but it's a picture 

Well hello there

Now don't be shy

Looking every where but into the camera

There ya go - that's much better

Well that's about it for now, this vacation is all about R & R as we don't have much planned as renos are concerned.  Just adding some closet organizers in the master bedroom and maybe a few other odd jobs but nothing too serious.

Talk soon!

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