Friday, April 14, 2017

From Tundra to Desert

After two years of having a place in Arizona I have come to the realization that the Arctic Tundra and the Arizona Desert are very much the same.  I know some of you are thinking sure it is but in all seriousness hear me out.  The tundra has extreme weather and so does the desert,  wild flowers grow low to the ground in both places, when heading out to explore each place you have to be prepared and  the animals living in the tundra adapt and so do the ones living in the desert.  They both have vast open spaces that seem to go on forever and I love each place. 

The road to Picacho State Park, CA

Another view

A large wash just outside of Winterhaven, CA
This is where we like to bring the dogs for a run

The ocotillo cactus is still blooming in the desert

This one is large and full of blooms

They live to be about 60 years old and can grow about 33 ft high

The flower of the ocotillo

These daisy like flowers remind me of the ones 
that grow in the tundra

Another flower that is just about done for the season

We found just a couple of prickly pear cacti in bloom

Most look like this

We said good-bye to some of our friends as they headed back to Canada and also to Bernie and Al who were visiting for a week and are now in sunny Florida.  It was really fantastic to see them, Debbie & Art and of course Norma, even though it was for a short period we made it count. 

Here are Al, Bernie, Craig, myself and Norma
having dinner the night before the Thompsons left.

Here's Norma all loaded up and ready to drive back to Canada
We are so proud of her as this was her first drive back doing it solo

As we said good-bye to our friends, family arrived to spend the last days with us in Arizona.  Craig's mom and dad arrived and we have been busy ever since.  The arrived a week ago and the following day we headed to the Yuma County Fair, we of course had to eat the junk food but we didn't go on any rides or played any games.  

Here's Craig and his parents at the fair

We have taken the dogs out for a desert romp at Picacho State Park in California a few times and it's just a short drive over the bridge.  They love it out there and we head out in the mornings before the desert heats up.  

We found this gravesite out in the desert
Not sure if it's a marker or an actually site

Picacho - is the highest range in the park

Craig looking for some wildlife

Craig's mom at one of the large washes

We went into one of the slot canyons at Picacho and Blitz had to climb up on the ridge
It was easy for him to climb up but he was very unsure coming down and I had to guide him 
in the right direction

This picture was taken with a bit of a zoom

Blitz in the slot canyon

Just outside of the canyons is this tree that was 
great for taking a photograph of mom & dad

Cooling off a bit but they wouldn't let go of 
their tennis balls

Looking over a wash

On Monday we took a drive to Gadsden, AZ a short drive south of Yuma and close to the Mexican border.  The population of Gadsden in 2000 was 953 people and we met two of the nicest ones who live there. Luis & Delia Gradias not only run this small museum packed full of artifacts but they also have built, collected and live in the museum.  For a mere $5.00 you not only get to walk through the place but you also get a personal guided tour from both of them.  You can hear it in their voices and see it in their eyes...they love what they are doing. 

Here are Luis and Delia after our tour just sitting around 
chatting about anything and everything

This was part of the adobe house that has been part of Luis' family
and if I am not mistaken his father built it

The old post office

This is the front of the adobe house where they 
added a chapel and a mission bell

They even have a brothel

These old keys caught my eye

The place is surrounded by all kinds of cacti

And she has 3 turtles that live there and will come out 
for a visit when they hear Delia's voice

Yesterday Craig and I returned to Senator's Wash with the parents and dogs on board.  It was another gorgeous day here and the dogs really enjoyed the time in the water.  Unfortunately, our little Molly over did it and was really sore this morning but after a good hip massage and her medications she is pretty much back to normal this afternoon. 

This American Coot was from our first visit to the area

I love how he pranced around

Look at this small fire hydrant

Mom and Dad overlooking the area

Craig hanging out with the dogs

Miss Molly and Craig playing ball

Here's just some odd and end pictures of the past couple of weeks.

We dropped off mom and dad to the Cocopah Casino
for an afternoon of gambling

Along the canal where we take the dogs for our morning walks 
there are some old cool looking fences

My view every morning

This beast was for sale 

Happy Easter Everyone from the rare
Tundra/Desert GSP Bunnies

Talk Soon!

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