Wednesday, December 28, 2016

Tis The Season

I can't believe it's been over a month since my last blog posting!  Since we've been back I have been quite busy with getting the house ready for Christmas, sent out Christmas cards, shopping and wrapping presents, getting ready for the Last Chance Christmas Sale and doing a few photo shoots of families and babies...yes I said babies.  Who knew this landscape/wildlife photographer would be taking pictures of babies and having a blast doing it! 

Here's some of the pictures and fun I've had with these photo shoots.  First up was Erin, Pete and PJ - I photographed them about this same time last year and was pleased to be asked to do it again for them.  The weather was absolutely perfect for this time of year, really no wind to speak of and even though the sun had set there was still enough light. PJ is a gorgeous little girl and very serious so it was difficult to get a picture of her smiling but thanks to her mom being silly we caught one. 

Pretty in Pink

Pete, Erin and PJ

PJ and her mom Erin

My second family shoot was with the Potter Family, I first photographed this lovely family when baby Gavin was still in his momma's belly.  He's such a handsome little guy and he was pretty good for his Baby's First Christmas pictures.  

Since I am photographing more people and because I do not have a studio I am learning how to use digital backgrounds and overlays.  It's been fun learning these new techniques and trying to perfect them. 

Jane, Brandon and baby Gavin

Cutest little Santa ever!

Being photographed is tiring work

The last family that I photographed before Christmas was Mallory Ehaloak, her baby Zane and her niece Tia Jayne.  Zane is about 10 months old and is such a cutie pie with a million faces.  Here's some pics from her Baby's First Christmas photo shoot. 

Mallory and her daughter Zane

Tia Jayne and baby Zane

Such a beautiful baby

Having fun with some Christmas sparkle

He is real!!!  

The sun will be rising again on January 11th for a grand total of 28 minutes and 34 seconds. We have been in a warm spell up here for the last week or so with temps sitting around -20'c to -30'c much better than -50'c and it's supposed to continue.  Here are some pictures of what the light looks like at this time of year.

Cloudy this day but the Martin Bergmann was sitting pretty in the bay

Love when there are clear skies as we get these 
gorgeous horizons

Jeffery Sather made this ice sculpture and I just
had to ask him to pose with it for's pretty cool.

Even though the road is blocked with snow to get to 
the bridge we took a walk to get a picture.

A blooper of a Christmas photo

Waiting for Santa to arrive

Christmas 2016

The Thursday before Christmas the skies lit up with some Aurora Borealis.  What a show that night and it lasted a long time.  I keep an eye on a website that shows the forecast and kept on looking out our window but with the street and Christmas lights I couldn't see any.  Then I received a text from Marg telling me to get out with my camera, so I met her and Athlyne out of town.  Mind you we didn't have to go far out of town to see them, here's what we saw that night. 

They swirled and danced

Here's Marg and Athlyne watching them
You can see some pink, yellow and bright green

They covered the sky and we didn't know which way to look

This looked like the eye of the storm

So much activity

As you can see we didn't have to go far from town to see them


Here's another of Marg and Athlyne watching them

Talk soon!

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