Sunday, November 20, 2016

On Our Journey Back

A couple of days before we left Yuma we drove to Felicity, California population two…yes two. It is a quirky little place and was founded by frenchman Jacques-Andre Istel who named the town after his wife Felicia. It is recognized as the Official Center of the World by France and the Imperial County of California. It is home to a post office, a pyramid marking the official center of the world, a non-denominational chapel that seats about 12, a piece of the original spiral staircase from the Eiffel Tower, a sundial modelled after the hand of God from the sistine chapel and the Museum of History in Granite. 

We could not get into the pyramid as it was closed but the chapel was open and we also toured the grounds and read many granite pieces that showed the history of the world. The chapel is built on top of a hill made from 150,000 tons of dirt and it is a copy of a church in Normandy. The granite rows expands from the center outward into a star shape and many of the world’s events are etched into the granite. 

The entrance to the museum

Whenever we drove by we always wondered
what was this staircase to no where 

The pyramid

Replica of the Liberty Bell

The is the sun dial in the middle of the granite

We thought this was a maze from afar but 
it is actually ready for new granite pieces

The chapel at the top of the hill
You can see this chapel from the highway

View from the top of the chapel hill

Inside the tiny chapel

The stone that is outside carries on
to the inside of the chapel

All the doors are painted this amazing blue colour

Our last night in our Southern Home was spent with friends; Debbie, Norma, Delores and Art and we met them all at Da Boys Italian Restaurant where we had our fill of pizza, beer, salad and of course dessert…a huge piece of red velvet cake that all of us shared.  The evening was good and of course shared a few more laughs. 

We left Yuma by 8:00am and headed north towards Las Vegas where we drove through to Salt Lake City for the night.  It was a long day of driving but after having something to eat and a good night’s sleep we were ready to hit the road again, this time to Billings Montana. It was a shorter day so we had time to relax at the hotel, which was good as we drove through a bit of a snow storm in Idaho. From Montana we took turns driving to North Dakota and Manitoba we had clear roads and no snow on the ground.  We thought for sure there would be snow as you know it is the prairies. 

The next couple of pics are taken as we were driving.

View of the Missouri River

Our first sight of snow

Then it just became worse - we actually drove through 
a snow storm in Idaho

There is still no snow in Manitoba but we will be arriving to our Northern Home with the white stuff on the ground.  We will stay in Yellowknife for one night before we head to Cambridge Bay on Thursday.  It will be good to be back in the Bay even if it will be much colder than where we came from and much less sunshine. 

So hard to believe there is no snow on the ground in Manitoba

I was trying to get a picture of Molly but instead 
Blitz decided to photo bomb her

Here's the pic I was trying to get

I don't have much to say about this pic
except you know he was having fun because
of the big goober on his face...

To end this blog entry here's a couple more pics of the burrowing owls in Yuma.  We had to go back to Barb's house to return her golf clubs that she borrowed to Craig and momma was out.  

Well hello there!

She's so adorable

Talk soon!

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