Sunday, July 3, 2016


Since my last blog posting we celebrated our little Molly as she turned 14 years old on June 21st.  She is the first dog that I ever owned who has lived to see her 14th birthday.  She has slowed down these past few years and instead of 'running like the wind' she is now running like a gentle breeze.  She still loves to go for rides in the truck and whenever she gets the chance she is my co-pilot.  She has bad hips and elbows and there are days when she doesn't want to eat her breakfast or it's hard to get out of bed in the mornings but she is still doing great for her age.  She will still seek out any water body and head straight for it, even if there is still ice on it.  At only 45lbs. (give or take) she is one tough cookie or like we like to call her our Princess Warrior. 

The much younger Miss Molly

Miss Molly on her 14th Birthday

Blitz & Molly 

Molly & Blitz
That's arctic willow behind them

Blitz catching some midnight sun rays

Enjoying some warmth and blue skies

For a week we have been busy painting the outside of our house.  Not sure when the last time this house was painted but the dark royal blue is chipping and the colour needed to be changed.  So anything blue is changing to a grey/blue colour and anything brown will be an off white.  With a red  tin roof we didn't have a huge choice of what colour to go with.  The 40 some odd year old wood is very thirsty and sucking up a lot of paint, so far we have used about 5 gallons of paint for 2 1/2 sides of the house.  We wanted to finish the back of the house today and start on the final side but the weather was not co-operating with us today with temps sitting around 8'c and rainy periods.  Tomorrow the weather is supposed to warm up again so after work we will be at it again and hopefully by week's end we will be onto the garage.  

Craig pressure washing the house before we paint

As you can tell the house is in need of a fresh coat of paint.

We started painting last Saturday when Craig got off work and we 
painted from 6:30pm to 12:30am and got the front of the house done.
I painted the bottom and Craig does the top - a lot of cutting in due to the slats on the house

Finishing up at midnight - thankful for the midnight sun

Finished two side - I had painted the front stairs the same grey colour
but the house looked too drab so I painted it white and it looks so much better.

I will do another blog posting once the house and garage are completed.  We have a deck in the back which we will likely be painting the off white as well.  I haven't been out much taking pics but shot a couple of the flowers that are blooming.

The locals call these the bumble bee flower as it attracts them

The mountain aven

Talk soon!

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