Thursday, June 16, 2016

Homeward Bound...Not Quite Yet

I've been in Yellowknife since Monday for my 7 week post-op appointment and more physiotherapy.  Everything went very well, doc is very pleased with my progress and she gave me some good advice, "Celebrate the improvements no matter how small." She said that it could take up to two years for a full recovery but hopefully within a year I will have my full flexibility back.  My physiotherapist gave me more exercises and for the first time some resistant exercises.  My rotator cuff has a way to go yet and x-rays showed that the AC joint is healing on schedule.  So overall a good report. YAY!

I was supposed to leave Yellowknife today but back home they had some rain and the gravel runway is not ideal for landing so my flight had been cancelled.  My fear is that it will be cancelled again tomorrow as rain is expected again.  Ugh! I took advantage of one more day in Yellowknife and took a 30 minute drive to Prelude Territorial Park.  Driving to the gate of the park I thought I would have to pay but much to my surprise the park ranger asked why I was visiting the park, I told him my flight was cancelled and wanted to explore the park.  I think he felt sorry for me and said that there was no charge and to enjoy my time. 

On the bright side I brought my Panasonic with me and I have been exploring in and around Yellowknife and taking pictures.  I have visited some art galleries, walked around Old Town, visited the marina and had a great conversation with an older gentleman who is a retired fisherman and bush pilot. It was good to have some me time but I am missing my little family back home and hopefully I will get out of here tomorrow.   Here are some pictures that I have taken in and around in Yellowknife.

Bleeding Hearts at the hospital grounds

The wild roses are in bloom everywhere

I've never seen so many blooms from one bush - beautiful

I ended up at so many parks

One of the original cabins in Old Town

Up close to one of the old buildings in Old Town

I love that they paint the dumpsters and because I 
love ravens I had to take a pic of this one

So pretty

An 'antique' photo of the marina at the sailing club

Sat on this rock today and enjoyed the view

Beach anyone?

Loved this spot at Prelude Territorial Park

The past month has been busy for me taking pictures of some of the grade 12 graduates.  Our friend Emily asked us to join her and her family on her graduation and dinner but what do you get her?  Well I asked her if she wanted me to photograph her and she agreed.  It was fun doing this for her and  I am so pleased that she loved her pictures.  Here's an example of Emily on her graduation day. 

Emily and her family

A couple of Emily's classmates also liked her pictures so they hired me to do theirs, unfortunately we didn't have the decorations that were used on graduation night but we had the beauty of the Arctic as our back drop.  Here are a few of Hovak and Tasha's pictures.

Tasha wanted pictures with her graduation present -
a dirt bike.

Such beautiful young ladies

Sassy and gorgeous

That same day, Tasha's family wanted some pictures done.  It was a great day spent with everyone and  we couldn't of asked for a better day to spend it outside.  I think I am getting a bit more comfortable photographing people and of course learning a lot as I go. 

Well a blog posting will not be a blog posting unless there are some pictures of Molly & Blitz so here are some and of the scenery around Cambridge Bay.  As you can tell the snow is nearly gone and the ice is starting to melt on the bay.  

Walking on water?

Blitz and his find of a caribou antler

He loves feathers - I guess that's one reason why he is a bird dog

My beautiful Miss Molly 

An arctic loon that was fishing 

My favourite migratory duck that comes to Cambridge Bay
The King Eider

Taken on June 4th - there is no snow now

Under Freshwater Creek Bridge
taken May 31, 2016

On Freshwater Creek Bridge

Love the colours this time of year 
Komatiks on the ice

Well keep your fingers and paws crossed that I will make it home tomorrow.  If I stay one more day here I just may have to purchase another suitcase and do more shopping.  lol

Talk soon!

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  1. Safe journies to you. Listen to the docs and to the PT's. I have had 3 surgeries on my right shoulder and between the severe arthritis and the problems caused by my cervical vertebrae I can be an unhappy gal. I try not to be but there are days it's really hard.