Thursday, August 1, 2013

Momma's Got a New Set of Wheels

It has to be at least a couple of months that conversation started in the LeBleu household about getting a side by side all terrain vehicle.  Craig and I flipped back and forth, should we get one or shouldn't we get one.  Then we took our neighbour, Kim and Doug's out for a test drive and I was sold!  We knew the Northern Store was getting one in but should be buy used (neighbours were thinking about selling theirs) or should we purchase a brand new shiny one? 
As it turned out we bought new and believe it or not this is our very first brand new vehicle of any kind.  It had only 2.6kms on it and that's only because Doug took it for a test drive, you know he wanted to make sure he was selling us a good machine. haha  It's a Can-Am Commander Limited and is a beautiful silver colour with black trim and interior.  It is fully loaded, with a radio, GPS, air suspension, power steering, plug in for your IPod, a winch - it probably has more bells and whistles than my SUV.
It was suppose to be in on Tuesday on the jet but due to really crappy weather the plane could not land but yesterday First Air was flying in their Hercules and my Commander was on that plane!  I headed to the airport to take some pictures of it coming off the plane and much to my surprise my pilot friend Jeff was flying the Herc.  He is the same pilot that brought Miss Molly into the cockpit back in January and now he is flying the Hercules for First Air.
I didn't pick up the Commander until this afternoon as it needed to go into Inukshuk garage to install the roll bars,  roof, windshield and the back window mesh.  So at 3:30pm I headed to the Northern Store to meet Craig and to pay for my new wheels.  Craig left his truck at the Northern and I drove him back to work and I headed back to my work in the Commander.  Tonight we had a quick supper of pizza  then headed to Long Point for a test drive, and yes I let Craig drive home.  It rides very smooth and just like a car.
I am proud to say that I am now part of the Cambridge Bay Commander Club which includes our friends/neighbours Kim & Doug and our other friends Cathy & Jim.  I'm thinking we should get t-shirts made. haha 
Below are the pictures from yesterday when it was coming off the plane, to the garage, to us at Long Point.  Tomorrow I may take Miss Molly for a ride as she is always known as my co-pilot.
The Herc is here, the Herc is here!

Landed safely

Bringing down the ramp

I see it!

Pilot Jeff (in blue) guiding the Commander out

A little more...

Thumbs up from Jeff

All wrapped up

Roll bars on the front hood and roof in the cardboard at the back

In the garage - it's so pretty!

It has a large truck area

Me and my new machine at Long Point

Look Ma No Hands!

Craig and the Commander

One more reason for Craig's parents to visit us next year...hint, hint, hint!

The circular thing is the radio and beside it is where the GPS goes.  
Waves were crashing along the beach at Long Point tonight

Ahhhh Long Point
(did I ever mention it's one of my favorite spots?)
Commander Momma over and out,
Talk soon!

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