Monday, August 5, 2013

August Long Weekend 2013

August long weekend will go down in history as a great fishing weekend...for some of us, but not for me.  Marg, Wayne, Kim, JS, Les and I headed to Long Lake, which is about 19kms from Cambridge Bay.  It's a beautiful spot that is south of Mt. Pelly. I drove the Commander to Mt. Pelly and from there Les took over the wheel as I was a bit nervous. Everyone brought in a fish except for me, I had one on but it jerked off close to shore and then I had one that followed my hook but didn't take it.  Les caught 3 trout and 1 char, Marg caught 3 trout, and Kim and Wayne caught 1 each.  Marg and Wayne caught their first fish on their fish cast which got us all excited. Even though I didn't bring in a fish it was a great day spent with friends fishing.

The gang getting ready to fish from left to right: Les, JS, Wayne, Marg and Kim

Just a portion of Long Lake

Another view of Long Lake

Inuksuk = good fishing spot

Wayne helping Marg with her fish

Kim showing off her catch

Les is the winner with 3 fish and the biggest trout

Les giving a thumbs up on the way home

View of Mt. Pelly on the way home

JS & Marg leading us home
We headed to bed early on Saturday night for two reasons, I felt a cold coming on plus we were heading to Starvation Cove early Sunday morning.  Early so that we do not hit high tide when we reached the river. For this trip it was Craig and I along with the Barta family. Even though I was feeling crappy I still decided to go.  Just before we reached the river we seen 4 muskox running across the tundra and when we got down to the river they were in a circle looking down at us. A great view of the majestic muskoxen.  I drove up to the river, where Craig took over the wheel as the river was too high to cross so we had to head down the steep cliff.  Below are some pictures of the Barta family heading down the hill.
Emily driving with David as the passenger

Driving through the stream

Cathy's mom and dad heading down as Jim & Cathy looked on

Jim driving with Cathy as his passenger

One happy camper in the new Commander
Tide was high all the way and the wind was gusting which means some crazy Arctic Ocean waves. Most of the way we had to take the high road instead of the beach but took any opportunity to drive the beach when we could.  Our trails went from road, to marsh, to muck, to sandy beaches  to red shale. 
Beautiful sandy beaches of the Arctic

We crossed many little streams on the way

Taking the high road with our destination finally in view (on your left)

View on the passenger's side

View on the driver's side

Miles and miles of beach

Got a little close for some pictures from the Commander

Sand bar

Yes the white stuff is snow - some snow never leaves

Trail turns to shale which means we are close
We arrived around noon at Starvation Cove to find that Jim's Commander got a flat tire.  Cathy's dad who was driving it must of hit a sharp rock as the cut was on the side of the tire.  Thankfully I just purchased a new tire repair kit and Craig repaired the tire and it held all the way home.  Good job Craig!  Both Cathy's mom and I were under the weather so we stayed for a short time and then headed back home...with no fish for any of us. While the tire repair was drying we had lunch and then headed fishing.  Only Cathy, Jim and Craig fished while the kids explored the area and the parents and I rested.  We had low tide on the way home so it was beach all the way and once we got to the river it was an easy cross for everyone.
Starvation Cove

Jim caught this skinny fish - I guess that's why it's called Starvation Cove. haha

Jim and Craig heading back, heads low, without fish

Beautiful ocean

Still many waves on the way home

Low tide on the way home

I think the waves were higher on the way home

Great views on the journey home

Waves crashing the beach while we drive by
Marg and Wayne were having a get together Sunday night at Cat and Shannon's cabin as Cat is leaving for Australia in a couple weeks.  So we said our good-byes to the Barta at our turn off and headed to the cabin.  I was feeling worse but I wanted to say my good-byes to Cat - from a distance mind you as I didn't want her to get sick for her long day of travel.  The Epps out did themselves and had all the fixings for a fantastic bar-b-que.  We left before dessert and as soon as I got home I headed to a hot shower as I was freezing.  I had a rough night and today I am feeling better but not 100%. 
I have a new craft on the go and needed some more Arctic plants so Molly and I headed out in the Commander to take cuttings of some more plants.  If this new craft works out I will post pictures in the weeks to come.  Molly had always been my co-pilot in the truck when Craig is not sitting it in and she took to the Commander like she always rode in it.  No worries she wears her seat belt and a jacket to keep her warm.
Chef Wayne on duty

Chillin' after dinner - Cat, Les, JS and Shannon (from left to right)

The view from their cabin

My co-pilot Miss Molly, with Mt. Pelly in the back ground
Talk soon!

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