Sunday, September 11, 2011

Purple Ribbon Campaign

Last night was the kick off for the Purple Ribbon Campaign here in Cambridge Bay at the Community Hall.  Latitude 69, the band that Craig plays in was asked to supply the entertainment for the evening.  During their final set members of Muskox Radio joined them.  The evening started at 7:00pm and lasted until 11:30ish.  Door prizes were given out throughout the evening and yes I won one. 

The Purple Ribbon Campaign evening was to kick off their new logo and to raise awareness of violence against members of this community.  Presley Taylor, a local young artist, designed the amazing logo of an Inukshuk with a purple ribbon wrapped around it.  The posters will be displayed in people's windows to supply a safe haven for people in distress especially escaping violence.

After tear down the band members gathered at Gary's home to reflect on the evening and to have a celebratory drink.  They will play again on October 1st for our local food bank.

The pictures today reflect on the fun we all had.

Talk soon!

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