Saturday, September 10, 2011

Fish Harvest 2011 Officially Over

The float planes left Cambridge Bay on Thursday and our last load by boats will arrive this weekend from Ekalluk River.  We did not meet our quotas for both rivers, Ekalluk and Halovik and we are hoping that we have enough char to last until next spring.  Our largest char of the season came from Halovik, 42" long and weighing in at 24lbs. I learned a lot about fish and the fish harvest these past couple of months and Stephane and I made a great team.  We will now process the char until the end of the month then we will start processing the remaining of our muskox for the next couple of months.  I enjoyed the business of the fish harvest but I am also glad that it is over.  Today is my first day off since our first load of fish from Ekalluk so I am getting caught up with emails and of course the blog.

There was also a film crew up here from Outdoor Life Network doing a story of fishing in Cambridge Bay.  They had spent some time with a sport fishing camp and our fishermen at their camp at Ekalluk River.  They came into the plant to do a story of how we process the Arctic char.  I was elected to spend some time with the crew, answer their questions and give them a tour of the plant.  The producer is suppose to be sending us dvd copies of the show, can't wait to see it.  Once I know when it will be aired I will let everyone know.

There are still alot of ships and sail boats coming into the bay.  This past week the final cruise ship came in, 2 fuel tankers and the barge from Montreal.  On Thursday evening Craig and I watched the Narwhals and Belugas that are still in the bay.  The community has one tag left to catch a whale but I haven't seen any hunters out, maybe everyone has had their fill of muttuk.

Along with the pilots and their float planes, Les from DFO also left on Thursday.  The evening before he left he invited Stephane, Craig and I over for dinner as a thank you for helping him out this season.  He had appetizers, steaks with all of the fixings for everyone to enjoy...he can cook for me any day.  We had lots of laughs that evening and enjoyed each other's company and we are looking forward to his next visit to Cambridge Bay.

Tonight we are heading over to the community centre for "Kick Off Party, for the Purple Ribbon Campaign."  Latitude 69, the band that Craig plays in will be performing so I will be there to support him and the campaign.  They also have another gig on October 1st and I will be helping out with that one, tonight I will enjoy myself and taking pictures.

I have about 10 dogs that need vaccinations this week and will start the line up tomorrow with Amanda's dog Fletcher.  I enjoy helping the people of this community with their dogs but wish I could do more.  We desperately need a vet up here to spay and neuter these dogs as there is always a litter of puppies that needs to be 'saved'. 

Talk soon!

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