Saturday, July 23, 2011

Fishing 101

Whew!  That's all I have to say regarding the Surrey River harvest for 2011.  It started on July 10 and ended the morning of July 19th and I was so happy when this weekend came as this is my time off.  Department of Fisheries and Oceans (ironically from Winnipeg) sets our quotas and for Surrey River is was set at 20,000 lbs of Arctic char.  Needless to say we met the quota.  We also take the left pectoral fin from the first 100 fish for the biologist from DFO.  Les, from Fisheries and Oceans and his team will be up mid-August until mid-September as they do research on Arctic char.  The Arctic char from this harvest were all big and healthy looking fish which is a good sign.  A little lesson on char, the females are always brighter than the males (sorry boys) and they are better for eating. 

We shipped about 1,500 lbs of fresh char to Clean Fish in the United States, from the time we receive the fish it arrives about 3 days later in Boston.  During our fall harvest we will be shipping to L.A. and San Francisco.  We also shipped some fresh char to Ocean Odyssey in Edmonton, many locations in Yellowknife and the remaining of the char will be processed into hot & cold smoked, jerky, steaks, fillets and whole dressed.   We have completed our spring harvest and it will start again mid-August when we do 3 more river systems.  I am hoping to get up on the plane when it picks up some fish, it would be an experience of a lifetime.

Last weekend Sheila ordered some lobster from Ocean Odyssey and Craig, Marg, Jane and I were invited for the feast.  We felt kinda bad as Jim was out of town working and missed the lobster, so we thought...(that's all I have to say about that.  ha ha) We had some lobster left over so I made some char/lobster chowder and I must say it was good.  First time I made chowder and I think I may have to do it again. 

Even though I had been working alot I still made time to head out onto the land either by truck or Honda, not only to take pictures but to enjoy the beauty of this grand land.  It is hard to explain what the tundra is, you really have to experience it.  There is something new very time you go out.  We invited Marg to join us for a ride on the quads, we headed towards Augustus Hills and then to Long Point.  I had been to Augustus Hills last fall but the scenery looked different this time.  It was my first time to Long Point and all I have to say is unbelievable.  It was low tide so I picked some shells in the sandy beach, yes sea shells.  We seen some icebergs, seals and tons of sea birds.  I could of spent all night there.

The dogs are enjoying the Arctic summer too and in between us working, eating, sleeping and quading we find time to take them out for swims in some of the small ponds that are scattered on the land.  Blitz decided to take a run for some birds, I don't mind him being free and chasing birds I worry about what is behind the hills that he runs over, it could be a big ole muskox and I am not sure what Blitz or the muskox would do. 

I have posted a few pictures of the fish harvest from Surrey River and of Long Point.

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