Saturday, July 30, 2011

The fish was this big...

Yes the fish I caught was a good size one, an 8lb lake trout.  I wouldn't have caught this fish without Rudi and Todd.  She gave me a good fight and I thought at times that I might loose it. I kinda started at the end of this fishing story so let's begin at the beginning.  Last Sunday, Marg, Wayne and I decided to head out to Greiner Lake while Craig and Jim tested Jim's boat and motor on the bay.  "Greiner Lake (15 m above sea level) is in an area that has risen from the sea within the last 1,300 years. It has a maximum depth of 11m and a maximum summer temperature of approximately 8 °C."  Great temps for Arctic char and lake trout.  So off we went on our quads to Greiner Lake, thank you Marg and Wayne for taking it easy as I am still not 100% on my quad.  On flat surfaces I am fine but when out on the tundra I like to still take it slow and steady.  Anyway back to the fishing story.  So here we are fishing from the shore and I use the word fishing very loosely.  From a distance we see a boat approaching us, it is our friends Rudi and Todd, who work for First Air.  Had a short talk with them before they headed back onto the lake but within a few minutes they returned and told us to get into the boat.  Don't have to ask us twice.  So the 5 of us had a great day of fishing, laughing and telling stories.  We all caught fish and yes some got away and I think we only lost one hook.  I was known to the First Air boys as the Fish Goddess because of my job but now I have another name, Momma D.  Long story...Thanks again guys that was one of my favorite days so far living here in Cambridge Bay.

Craig and I have been taking the dogs out for tundra runs alot this past week as the weather has been good, beside the monster mosquitoes and a day or two of rain.  We found a good spot for them as the land is pretty flat and there are many small ponds for my water dogs.  Blitz is loving chasing the birds and digging at the holes that the lemmings make.  Molly does her own thing which is usually hunting when we are not throwing the ball for her.  Hannah joins in on the fun when she thinks the Shorthairs have found something interesting.  I am lucky so far as they haven't found any nests or babies, remember there are no trees up here so the birds nest on rocks or the ground.  The tundra does a number on their feet, some of the rocks look like someone sliced it which makes the edges very sharp.  My friend Petra gave me a name of some great booties which we may have to purchase.

The Arctic skies are beautiful this time of year as the sun is starting to set.  Well not really sets as it doesn't get dark yet,  rises about 2:30am and sets about 11:30pm.  You heard of the golden hour for photography well it is pretty much the golden hour all of the time right now.  Love the lighting at this time of year for pictures.  There hasn't been ice on the bay for a while but this week the winds picked up and some amazing chunks of blue ice floated into the bay.  Another excited thing that is happening on the bay this week is that the seals showed up.  I could sit on a chair and watch these sea characters fishing all day long.  Very hard to photograph but I included one picture in tonights post.

Wednesday evening of this past week Craig and I headed towards Mt. Pelly, the road had been washed out from the spring run off and they have finally made it driveable.  Far from being a good road but at least you can now get to the other side of the river.  During our ride we found a pair of sand cranes and I did get some pics of them but will include them in another posting.  Marg and Wayne invited us for dessert that evening so after 9pm we headed from the land to have dessert.  Wayne brought up some fresh picked Saskatoon berries from their farm in yes you guess it Saskatchewan.  Being from the prairies there are some things that remind me of 'home' and Saskatoon berries are one and I prefer them over blueberries any day.  Thanks for inviting us over for a little piece of heaven. 

From their deck we seen a boat in the distance so we took the long way home.  The sail boat was actually coming into Cambridge Bay so we waited patiently for her arrival.  Of course I had my camera with me and the skies were amazing that night which made for a perfect backdrop for this grand boat.  Found out it was Mike Horn's Pangaea Expedition, what a great boat for my first sighting.  He was only here for one day and I missed him sailing off, could only see him from a distance with full sails blowing in the wind.  Amazing!  For more information about this expedition check out his site at  Trust me it is worth the look.

Tomorrow we head to Starvation Cove, about a 2 hours quad ride past Long Point.  We will meet up with Marg & Wayne and who knows who else will join in on a day of fishing and fun.  Wish that Sheila was back from her medical leave but we will SEE her soon and I am sure that she will SEE us more clearly when she returns.  I just may have another post this weekend but for now enjoy the pics from this past week.

Talk soon!

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