Tuesday, May 16, 2017

Close Your Eyes And Listen

If you step outside, close your eyes and listen you will know that spring has arrived in the High Arctic.  The first to arrive a few weeks ago is the tiny beautiful snow bunting which I love hearing their song when your are outside.  Also arriving are other smaller song birds and the geese.  You also know that it is spring as the Omingmak Frolics have begun this week and will likely head out to watch a few snowmobile races and games. 

We got hit with yet another blizzard in early May, I think we received an average of one a month this past season. We should be out of the woods now as our temperatures are getting warmer and this Saturday we will be entering our 24 hour daylight.  This past blizzard blew even more snow onto our deck and again covered our back windows.  It's really unbelievable of how much snow we have received this year and the Hamlet has been working hard to remove a lot of it and bring it down to the bay area. 

Cute little snow bunting

Here's Blitz trying to look out our back windows.

These next few pictures show the amount of snow on our deck

Luckily he has no interest in jumping down

King of the hill
(that the top of our house in the pic)

Even my little old lady is wanting to go out and have
some Tundra Romps in this nice spring weather.

He found himself a nice little spot to lay down
in the snow

Concentration at it's best

Bringing back the ball

A little bit of blue ice that popped up

Catching the sunset

Having some fun

This dog gave me a scare as he came over a hill against the sun
as I thought he was a wolf.  His name is Baloo which is 
suiting as he is so large.  Blitz looks so little in this picture

He's 5 years old but he is such a big old puppy

My Princess Warrior enjoying the sun coming in

I had the pleasure of photographing Hailey at the end of April for her 1st Birthday.  She was such a good girl to photograph and we had such a fun time that afternoon.  Like any other girly girl she had 4 wardrobe changes and received her very own cake that she could smash.  Here's some pictures of the fun we had.

Last Sunday we finally headed across the bay to see the Maud up close and personal.  If you remember, last year they lifted her onto a barge so that in hopes that she would dry out a bit for the long haul back to Norway.  It's very cool to see her this close and will actually be kinda sad to see her leave Cambridge Bay but the Norwegians are planning to build a museum to honour her.  We left Miss Molly at home as it's about a 5km round trip on the ice and we didn't think she could or want to do it. The following are some pictures of the Maud. 

The Maud

Blitz posing with it
You can see a bit of open water on the left

Both the Nunavut and Norway flag are on the ship

She's in pretty good shape for being in the water for 80 years

Climbed up on the barge to get a close picture of the wood

Looks like a shark

The bow

Blitz & I

I am heading into a busy time with doing some family pictures and 2 important graduations; the high school and pre-school students. All should be a lot of fun and hopefully we will get some great creative shots.

Talk soon!

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