Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Hello Sun!

The best thing about January in the Arctic is that the sun rises after being below the horizon for 6 weeks.  The first day it was cloudy and we didn't see the sun but the next day sure made up for it with the sun shining brightly in the sky.  Along with the sun comes cold temperatures and wind chills with the lowest being -57'c.  Here's my picture of the first day of sun.

With these sunny skies I have been getting out as much as possible on the weekends to take some pictures of the sun and anything else that 'tickles my fancy'.  Our sun is out for about 6 hours, rising about 9:20am and setting at 3:15pm.
There was a lot of ice fog this day - The Martin Bergmann is the subject


High Noon

Some days the skies are so vibrant

Love this sail & tub boat that are docked for the winter

I had the opportunity to speak with a couple of members of the Canadian Rangers a couple weeks ago before they headed out on the land for exercise/training.  They were on their way to Ellis River where they were going to spent about 5 days.

Large ice crack
Last weekend I borrowed a friends kamiks (boots) to photograph.  Here is one pic of them hanging on a traditional sled

The only bird that winters up here are ravens.  I find them fascinating as they mimic our dogs, especially Blitz and they have over 30 calls.  I have no idea how they survive these winters but they do, here's one that let me take his picture while he rested on metal framework.
Finally getting the dogs out for some runs.  Some days it's only for a few minutes and other days an hour - it has been great for everyone's well being to get out again.
Miss Molly's ears are so thin that some days we need to cover them

Blitz at sunset

My girl is getting older - just about every day when we come home she doesn't hear us. I used to wake her but lately I decided to let her sleep and wake on her own. 
And then there is my Blitzy Boy... I was editing pictures one day and I looked over to see this.
Talk soon!

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