Monday, February 18, 2013

Thank You for the Memories Antigua

As I sit here in our hotel room in Edmonton editing some of my 2000 pics I am reminded of the great time we had in Antigua.  We had made some great memories with our long time friends Sandy and Keith and along the way made some wonderful new friends. 
I will miss the warmth and kindness of the people of Antigua and the way they made you feel. I will miss seeing our housekeeper Joan with her big smile and a huge 'Good Morning' every day, to Jules and Kerry I will miss you making us laugh, to Michael I will miss how wonderful you treated us every time we visited the restaurants, to Clesa - my girlfriend, I will miss your big smile every time we came into the Trading Post (thank you for the surprise gift, every time I read it I will remember you).  To Barbara thank you for making sure our stay was wonderful and to Monique and Tony, thank you for making sure our glasses were full.  To all of the staff at the Grand Pineapple Resort, thank you for making us feel special and welcoming us into your family.  To our special friend Emelda, thank you for sharing your island with us and teaching us some of the history of Antigua. 
We will also miss some of our newly formed friends from other parts of the world.  Hopefully one day we will meet again but in the meanwhile we will keep in touch and share our lives with you through the blog and emails. We shared many laughs and I will cherish those memories.  To our new family memories, the donkeys, Chrissy, Stevie, Charley and Raven we will visit again and spend more time with you all but in the meantime behave yourselves.  To Sandy and Keith, thank you for coming along with us on this journey and sharing it with us, couldn't have asked for a better couple to spend it with.
We will start our trek home early tomorrow morning with a wake-up call at 5am.  I am excited to see my babies again as this is the longest we have ever left them.  We will meet the kennel staff at the Yellowknife Airport and I do not know who will be more excited to see each other the dogs or us.  I know that Mocha will be more than happy to see her dog Blitz and I can hear her meowing now, letting us know what her and Auntie Kim were up to.   We will be greeted in Cambridge Bay with minus 56'c wind chills and I am sure our systems will be in shock as soon as our tanned skins hit the fresh Arctic air.
Talk soon!
These next pics are what Craig took the final day in Antigua snorkeling

 Some of the beautiful flowers on the resort

 This is typical of what the pathways looked like on the resort.
 A quiet gazebo where you can collect your thoughts
 The resort was home to 11 tortoises - this is them at their 2:30pm feeding time
 This guy loved it when you talked to him
 We had up to 6 pelicans diving for fish every morning outside our balcony - they came so close you felt you could reach out and touch them
 The final evening
 Our complex where we stayed
 Proof that Keith does dance!
 Had a little photo shoot the final night
 Keith and Sandy
 How romantic
 The classic beach pose
 Craig and I - thank you Sandy for being the photographer
 Craig and I
Good-bye Antigua until we meet again

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